Stand Up Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Phil De Lange
The Phil Spectrum is the debut one-man show by SA Comics Choice Award Winning Phil de Lange.

The show is a blend of all his passions into a thought-provoking and unique musical comedy experience. He brings his career in the broadcasting industry to the stage with live radio sketches, mixed with catchy ukulele songs and – of course – hilarious stand-up.

One night only : 25 May at 8pm

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Sat 25th May 8pm R100 (R80 online)

Cabaret • Running Time: 60 mins
Elzabé Zietsman and Tony Bentel
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Sometimes he plays the piano half naked, sometimes he does it in drag and sometimes he likes to be quite formal, but never, ever is he boring.

Join Tony Bentel and I, Elzabé Zietsman, at POPArt as we play and sing songs that make us smile, make us cry, make us laugh and make us sigh.

R 120 online. R 140 at the door

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Thu 30th May 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 31st May 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 1st Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 2nd Jun 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

A Games show meets Sketch format • Running Time: 120 mins
Hosted by Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs | Special guests every month | Presented by Kiri Pink Nob and POPArt Productions
Warning: +16 Mature Content
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Eita holla!
Lovers of game shows, quiz shows, talk shows and current affairs- this one is for you! It’s the freshest, coolest live uniquely Mzansi game show double bill and we bringing it to you once a month at the POPART theatre.

Let the games begin!

***Winner of Standard Bank Ovation GOLD award at National Arts Festival 2018. 

***Nominated for Freshest show, Fresh performer and Fresh creative, Cape Town Fringe 2017.

The Game Show Double Bill features two different styles of game show formats pitched at a same same but different audiences, separated by a short interval. Created and hosted by venerated writer, director and performer, J.Bobs Tshabalala the two game shows presented are “OFF THE RECORD” and “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie”. Together they have audiences banging down the door to attend, participate and let their inner competitor revel in a mash up of theatre, improv, sketch and game show all very cleverly compiled by the show’s writers to offer insight into uniquely South African realities. 

The Game Show Double Bill concept has been refined during a long national tour to several spaces around the country and will continue to perform in spaces to entertain, educate and grow it’s audiences. POPArt hosted J.Bobs and the Kiri Pink Knob team for the first time in May this year, and it was unanimously decided that a long term collaboration is in order. “OFF THE RECORD”  is a panel, game and quiz show hybrid that features two celebrity competitors representing their teams in the audience. A show that banters about with humour and controversy, much like a QI, task master J.Bobs is looking for the answers that ain’t obviaas. “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie” features team captains, points, drama, suspense and some amazing physical challenges from the special guests. It’s a sketch and skit show with a variety of vignettes that examine, celebrate, critique and reflect poignantly on the vast lived experiences of many in the South African Townships: a show that looks like, sounds like and operates like the lokishi. All in all, an evening of excellent entertainment. 

“Here, the overt flamboyance of the township, meets the subdued vileness of suburbia, and the blend is as beautiful as it is intriguing. A romantic blend of palates that are very seldom paired emerges. The taste makes for quite the evening of riotous entertainment”, says creator and host J.Bobs Tshabalala. “One is the quintessential township jousting tournament, a battle of urban suave and kasi finesse (LLL).  The other locates its crux in the holds of reserved suburbia being unleashed, a battle of quant decorum and sharp wits (OTR). Combined, these shows give to the audience a fuller experiential scope of the larger South African narrative”. 

This is what makes the show a perfect fit at POPArt. “With a constant focus on. developing a broad audience base, as well using arts and culture as a vehicle for sharing South African experiences, this double bill is something that fits perfectly within the frame  artistic direction, as well as appeals to our existing and desired audience”, says Hayleigh Evans of The POPArt Theatre. “ We believe that playing on a regular basis will grow the audience and maximize additional opportunities for the format. All in all, a perfect long term collaboration” 

About Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts (Pty) Ltd. This company produces straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events.  Recently, he has started producing game shows for the stage and screen. 

Tshabalala creates works across varied fields, ranging from Orthodox Drama to Hip Hop Theatre. He was nominated at the 2014 Naledi Theatre Awards for the Best Emerging Voice award, and in 2015 his production of Secret Ballot was nominated at the Naledi Awards for Best Ensemble production. In 2014, he also became a director in residency at the Market Theatre, to create a new play for the senior students at the Market Theatre Laboratory, for the Student Festival in Grahamstown, and for the Arts Alive festival in Johannesburg.  

As an independent theatre producer, Tshabalala has etched a unique niche for himself as both a professional director, and an experimental creative, striking a fine balance in order to cater for both an emerging, and an established market. His dexterity has also seen him work in various capacities, as a writer, director and also a performer. At Kiri Pink Nob, he is the Managing and Artistic Director. 

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Sun 2nd Jun 8pm R100

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
CONCEIVED AND DIRECTED by Billy Langa & Mahlatsi Mokgonyana | PERFORMED AND DEVISED by Thuto Gaasenwe, Ntumekelelo Siyephu, Anathi Conjwa, Sokuphila Mkosana and Sibulele Sabisa
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As Young adults, we often do not have the vocabulary to say what we need to say to our parents, guardians and sometimes the community at large. We grow up in homes where those who raise us, were deprived of the opportunity to learn how to communicate with their children. Thus causing a certain level of detachment. This detachment is something we grow up with, causing us, to hold back and not speak when we need to. A cycle of delayed healing and things we don't have the capacity to deal with, is then generated.

A PLACE OF KNOWING seeks to acknowledge the contemporary voices and stories of young people living in South Africa. Five performers transform their personal accounts into a series of images, songs & monologues where they unpack and explore the complexities of the relationships we have with our parents as young people and how those relationships affect us or shape our lives.

The five stories came from an exercise on the idea of memory and personal archive in relation to the past, present and future and from that the following themes emerged: The absence of a parent, mental health, poverty, spirituality as well as the intricacies of parent-child relationships.

The work presents itself through the usage of indigenous games, physical storytelling, narration and Amagwijo/ Traditional African song not only as aesthetics for performance but also as reminder of the history of African storytelling, its relevance and importance in the modern day South Africa and the world at large. Through its minimalistic approach the work makes the relationship between the actor, the audience and the story to be more vivid therefore accessible and honest.

This emotionally charged , yet simple piece, is crafted for purposes of sharing, learning and possibly, starting a healthy journey to healing where a safe space is created for each person in the room, safe enough for the actors to deeply connect with their truths and for the audience to receive and reflect.


‘Tonight I witnessed “A place of knowing” a theatrical piece from young makers that I love and respect. It spoke to the inner most sacred parts of me. Parts that I often struggle to confront and express. Idea’s around grief and loss that resonate in everyday terms. We laughed, we cringed and cried, some couldn’t sit though it all and left the space.

Loss is a central theme that connects all human beings. Memory is the fragile hinge that allows us to hold tight to our loved ones and things. Young people often don’t have the language to communicate how this loss and the world affects them. A place of knowing does that! it's a piece that speaks to these ideas through the weaving of personal narratives from five fearless young women. An example of how personal biography and collaboration work together to give a voice to personal stories with universal appeal in a unique and engaging way.  - Tony Miyambo

"If this is some of the future of SA storytelling-theatre, then we are in very good hands. Bravo." -Rob Murray

“exquisitely honest and detailed performances...” - Dan Robbertse


Billy Langa & Mahlatsi Mokgonyana


Thuto Gaasenwe, Ntumekelelo Siyephu, Anathi Conjwa, Sokuphila Mkosana and Sibulele Sabisa

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Thu 6th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 7th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 8th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 9th Jun 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Running Time: 90 mins
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South Africans are known to be able to laugh at themselves. So... Let’s talk about race, baby. 

Facilitated by comedian, Tats Nkonzo, ‘Whites: a conversation about race’ is a safe space for comic and crowd, alike, to engage in candid, uncomfortable and necessary convos around race.

All material is based on TRUE LIFE JOKES. 

No phones. No recordings. Just honesty.

R100 online. R 120 at the door. 

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Sun 9th Jun 8pm R80 (R60 online)

Dance | Theatre • Running Time: 45 mins
Thenjiwe Soxokoshe and Nomasonto Radebe
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DRAG : The Judgement Day is a new dance exploration from Thenjiwe Soxokoshe and Nomasonto Radebe

Impurities of our lives are known by our secret deeds.

Roller-coaster of emotions fluctuates like currency going up and down. Chaos inside while the facets plays a good role on the out side. The joy of my heart it's understood by connection, energy and feeling. Thoughts in my heard seem so complicated but the spirit that carries the body plays a good character. Not so long all made sense but confusion attacking now strikes like a tornado. I don't believe in magic but it seems like the black spell has worked on me. In a split of a second it seems and feels like light never existed. When you long for peace but the load just drops you to the floor..... Birth into this world, pure spirit, a seed planted to blossom with no clue or even warning of things that may occur good and bad ones.

A pure and genuine cry that expresses different emotions at the same time

Book for DRAG : The Judgement Day by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 13th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 14th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 15th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 16th Jun 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Peter Gordon | Directed by Bianca Schulte-Brader and Devon Welmers Cast : Gregory Boast, Leilah Grange, Sage Dinwoodie, Sabrina Freeman, Okgabile Dickson, Magnus Schulte-Brader, Khanya Stucki, Saneshan Reddy & Skye Goss

The play introduces the inept and bumbling Inspector Pratt, who battles against the odds and his own incompetence to solve the murder of the house’s owner.

It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet; will the miscreant be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom or will the audience die laughing first?

Over 900 professional and amateur productions world-wide.

“… hilarious and very clever”  Nottingham Evening Post.

“… deliciously wicked spoof …” British Theatre Guild

Book for Murdered to Death by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Mon 17th Jun 7:30pm R140 (R120 online) Tue 18th Jun 7:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Created and Directed by Loraine Beaton

Coming to you live, this 'morning TV-show' hosts guests from across the political spectrum to prod at an array of current issues.

Scripted using dialogue from actual South Africans, this multi-media piece steps back for a more playful look at the extreme positions we’ve witnessed online in recent times

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Tue 25th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written & Directed by Niza Jay
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While we hate is a series of vignettes adapted from real life events, newspaper headlines and news reports. It is made up of short dramedic scenes interspersed with audio-visual transitions.

The play weaves together three narratives that all centre on hate crimes targeted at members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The story is told through the eyes of civil servants who interact with LGBT persons in their everyday lives as part of their public duty.

People should ask themselves how and why they become complicit in the ill treatment of those considered to be ‘minorities’. They should also question how, when and why, they themselves act in a disrespectful or inhumane way. What happens to us while our lives are being filtered through the system? Who suffers while we hate each other, in the name of morality, religion, and personal conviction.

Book for While We Hate by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 27th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 28th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 29th Jun 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 30th Jun 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)