We get that most performers don’t have the budget to rent out a space to bring their pieces to the people. We at POPArt respect the people who get off their butts to make it happen, so we’ve made it really easy and minimal risk by production partnering with productions in bringing them to our stage.

Over the years, we’ve staged more than 300 new fringe productions from Johannesburg, and around the country and the world.

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We host drama, comedy, anti-theatre, stand-up, cabaret, burlesque, storytelling, talks, workshops, live music, readings, poetry.
However there are a couple of things we are not able to host on a partnership basis:

• Student productions (but will consider for rental)
• Amateur productions (but will consider for rental)
• Productions under 45 minutes (but will consider for rental)
• Productions not open to the public (but will consider for rental)
• Productions with free entrance (but will consider for rental)
• Productions that espouse hateful ideologies
• Productions that have not arranged rights for the text

If you interested in the rental option you may skip the following sections:
Creative Team, References, Media, and Motivation. We will quote accordingly from there.
– If any production has violated or misrepresented themselves about the above then the production may be pulled from the schedule at any point and ticket sales will be refunded to the buyers. POPArt and its affiliates will not be liable for any losses, damages or costs in such a scenario, and the production will be charged a cancellation fee in this case.
– This form will give you some information about the venue and how we work so please read it carefully and fill it in as thoroughly as possible.

–  POPArt is an intimate venue. Please note that the capacity of theatre changes according to set up. This is something that you would need to consider when plotting your lighting:
◦ In the case of a small comedy stage, we can seat up to 110pax
◦ With two staggered rows on the floor, the max capacity is 65pax
◦ With one row on the floor, the max capacity is 53pax
◦ The permanent rake holds 42pax
◦ PLEASE BE UPFRONT about whether your performance is able to be adapted in order to fit in the maximum capacity. If you require a depth of stage more than 5m, we will only be able to do one row of seating and thus the booking capacity will be affected.

–  The stage is 6m wide, and min height is 2.5m

– PLEASE NOTE : POPArt is a ‘festival’ type space and thus may require you to break down your set following any performance should events be booked in the space during the days of your run. If your set will not allow for this, this needs to be declared upon filling in this form and we will negotiate around this.
– Our standard financial agreement is:
◦ We offer a door deal to performers: 60% of ticket sales go to the performer.
◦ We have in house technical support, the costs of which are to be covered by the production at R250 a show. This is non negotiable, as we have to take care of our equipment with the volume of productions coming through the space. The technical fee will be deducted from the production percentage in the final recon.

– POPArt provides the space, equipment, ushers, online ticketing. Co-marketing from the production is essential.

– Please note that for one off comedy events, we have introduced a minimum ticket sales count of 25pax before the split comes into effect.

–  A general run at POPArt is as follows, unless otherwise motivated :
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 3:30pm (4 shows)

– One off / One night only productions will generally be given a Monday / Tuesday evening at 8pm.

Response times vary but please be patient, we get a lot of submissions.
*If you have already prepared an email document, you are welcome to send this to popartjhb@gmail.com, but please ensure that it has all the necessary info.

Here’s how we work…

We offer a door deal to performers: 60% of ticket sales go to the performer.
We have in house technical support, the costs of which are to be covered by the production at R 250 per show.
POPArt provides the space, equipment, ushers, online ticketing.
It is essential that the production is co marketed between the show and the venue.

Shows at POPArt are subject to a vetting process, so if you’re working on a piece, or have a piece that’s good to go, tell us about it in a proposal. Email us at popartjhb@gmail.com.

Artist Application Form

Please include: Genre/Form/Style, Number of performers, etc.
How long is your performance in mins
Who is involved in the project, and brief outline of what have they done before.
Why would this project be a good partnership with POPArt? Consider our size and reputation.
Links to reviews or contacts of theatre practitioners that you have worked with.
Links to examples and/or reviews of your work, either on your website or youtube/soundcloud/etc.
Are you looking for particular dates? If not then leave this question blank.
How flexible are you in regards to dates? e.g. "available all of Sept, not in Aug"
Please bare in mind the technical information provided for the theatre.
Our standard tech get-in is 4 hours.
Any special requests or questions

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