The Channel:

Do you have all the know how to produce a digital piece perfectly, but want to extend your audience?
We believe that the digital age is offering live performers an amazing and unique opportunity to reach a wider audience while doing the exact same amount of work. That’s why we are offering the opportunity to cross post to our channel for a small once-off fee (as opposed to splitting ticket revenue). It’s like hiring our venue, online.

All cross posted or broadcast content is subject to approval, based on our content guidelines.

***Ticketed broadcasts from Live events coming soon!

The Equipment:

Do you want to make your at-home broadcast look a bit sexier?
We’ve invested in some at-home broadcasting equipment (lighting, webcams, microphones) that can improve the quality of your upcoming broadcast. Out technicians will come to you and set you up to look your best!

The Technical Wizards: 

You can also make your broadcasts look a lot sexier with good graphics and live editing. Our technicians have been up-skilling like mad to make our broadcasts to Facebook and YouTube look slick and professional. Sit back and enjoy your broadcast while someone else stresses about the tech – trust us, it helps!

You can also do all 3 as a package deal! Send us an email on popartjhb@gmail.com for rates and more.

For tech offerings for Live Performance, please visit our POPTech page.

We are currently without a venue, but sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch and find out when our venue will be available for hire once again.