Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Edmund Braatvedt Directed by Simona Mazza Starring: Rachael Neary, Denel Honeyball, MoMo Matsunyane and Roberto Pombo
Warning: 16+ Mature Content
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Following PART 1's scandalous entrance at the 2016 24 hours in the city- THE VELVET CURTAIN is back! With more drama, more intrigue, and quite possibly more incest… The makings of a good soap,  but with another twist. It's live on stage- and the audience may even get a say. 

MoMo and Denel love each other, and they are both wildly successful main stage performers. But there is a wedge: Denel's estranged daughter, Rachael. Having recently recovered from a coma, will Rachael remember the transgressions of her past and her porn star father? Will she expose her mother and ruin her career? Only time will tell… 

Each month at POPArt, a new serial of the soon-to-be-famous THE VELVET CURTAIN will present a new intriguing edition, written, rehearsed and presented to an audience in under a month. 


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Tue 30th Aug 8pm R80 (R60 online)

Theatre/Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Kitty Moepang, Zethu Dlomo, Tumy Motsoatsoe and MoMo Matsunyane
Warning: +16 Language
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AZA-NYA IS FIVE TO is Thenx' latest sketch comedy with explores the current state of the nation through satire and parody. 

Inspired by comedy gems like The Pure Monate Show, Late Night News with Loyiso Gola and The Catherine Tate Show, it uses satire and parody to capture the nuances of everyday life in a comical way. Truth, has never tasted so real!! Do not be surprised when a much loved struggle song has new words or your favourite word is pronounced differently; shifting paradigms is the main purpose of this group.

Book for THENX presents: AZA-NYA IS FIVE TO by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 1st Sep 8pm R100 (R90 online) Fri 2nd Sep 8pm R100 (R90 online) Sat 3rd Sep 8pm R100 (R90 online) Sun 4th Sep 3:30pm R100 (R90 online)

Musical Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Godfrey Johnson & Guests
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The Sunday Soirees at POPArt will be an all new monthly gig - happening on the last Sunday of every month. A ‘champagne -brunch’ style soiree, the shows will be a relaxed celebration of fantastic musical icons throughout the ages. Performed by Godfrey Johnson & guests 

4 September : A morning of intimate cabaret with songs ranging from Kurt Weill to The Decembrists. 
Come and enjoy a good laugh and some foot stomping fun.

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Sun 4th Sep 12pm R80

Theatre • Running Time: 80 mins
Written by Tertius Kapp & Jemma Kahn Directed by Jane Taylor Performed & Illustrated by Jemma Kahn Sound Design by Charl Johan Lingenfelder Lighting Design by Themba Stewart Produced by POPArt Productions in association with the National Arts Festival & The Arts and Culture Trust & Nedbank Arts Affinity
Warning: 16 + content
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Jemma Khan brings us the final instalment of her bewitching kamishibai series. What could follow on The Epicene Butcher and We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants? An epic journey into the mouth of the wolf – a voyage of self-discovery, sexy Catholics and octopus biltong, spanning three continents. 

In bocca al lupo premiered at the National Arts Festival 2016. 

"Jemma Kahn, directed by Jane Taylor, outshines herself in this triumphant last instalment of the Kamishibai trilogy" - Sarah Roberson, The Critter

"The play has its sad moments (whose life doesn’t?), but mostly this beautifully illustrated tale has us laughing our way around the world. Her use of Kamishibai, a form of Japanese street theatre where a sequence of images are displayed in a frame to help tell stories, is as slick as it is visually pleasing" - Siobahn Cassidy, The Citizen

Produced by : POPArt Productions, in association with the National Arts Festival & The Arts and Culture Trust & Nedbank Arts Affinity
Directed by : Jane Taylor 
Written by : Jemma Kahn & Tertius Kapp 
Performed by : Jemma Kahn 
Sound Design by : Charl-Johan Lingenfelder
Costume Design by : Ella Butler (Superella) 
Lighting design by : Themb Stewart
Kamishibai, translated as ‘paper drama’ is an ancient Japanese form of street theatre. A method used for centuries by monks and itinerant storytellers traveling from village to village to tell morality tales to a largely illiterate audience, kamishibai is simplicity itself. Illustrated panels are revealed one at a time from a wooden box, accompanied by narration. Using simple but beautifully drawn images displayed on cardboard story panels, Jemma Kahn has spent the last four years captivating audiences from Grahamstown to Edinburgh to Amsterdam with her unique take on this 12th century art form. The effect is like watching a sort of live Manga cartoon, her sheer verve in combination with all the elements at play creates an utterly original and sometimes bizarre theatre experience, a joyous tribute to visual and verbal storytelling.

In collaboration with some of South Africa’s most dynamic young writers and illustrators,
Kahn has carved a niche for herself on the international fringe circuit, telling tales that are firmly for adults and run the gamut from the silly to the sublime. From pornography to epic poetry. From cannibalism to cat dreams.

Book for In bocca al lupo by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Fri 9th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 10th Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 10th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 11th Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre meets long form improvisation • Running Time: 60 mins
Created by Milton Schorr Performed by Milton Schorr and Brendan Murray
Warning: 16+ Mature Content
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Hot on the heels of the PopArt success of The Game 'Ohne Dich', 'Redemption' hits Jozi with more of the twisted, dark comedy that has sold out Cape Town audiences numerous times.

For just four nights join legendary coach Frik Du Perez (Milton Schorr) and the giant female player Tatiana Romkova (Brendan Murray), as they face a shared secret that has haunted them all their lives. Will Tatiana live to play another day? Will Frik finally face the awful reality of his secret life? All will be revealed when they play The Game. 

Hailed as ‘pure genius’, ‘superb’, and ‘funny as hell, brave as a motherfucker’, The Game is a new form of theatre. Improvised according to a set story-line and intentionally grappling with deep universal themes, every performance is one of a kind, creating the on-the- edge energy that has made the franchise notorious.

What the audience had to say:

“Absolutely fantastic. Well done. Non stop entertainment. Very funny and quite emotional at times. Well done.”- Fraser

“Some interesting themes but should not be advertised as a comedy unless the nudity is deemed as the comedic aspect which is unintelligent to say the least. ”- Belinda

“Loved it completely! It was brutally funny and brave. What a wonderful night out. Thank you! ”-Carolyn

“This is what theatre should be.” - Ari

About The Game:

The Game is long form improvisation with balls. Set in a world where an ancient form of extreme handball has become a global obsession, The Game is a series of live events featuring Coach Frik du Perez (Milton Schorr), Tatiana Romkova (Brendan Murray), Japie Greyling (Andrew Laubscher), Shannon (Adrian Collins), Maachel (Andrew Roux) and Ange (Mikki-dene Le Roux). It is generally wholly improvised, rehearsal work revolving around character and relationship development, meaning events are unpredictable with participants simply playing The Game and letting what may unfold.

It was first performed in Cape Town in June of 2009 before travelling to the South African National Arts Festival, where it received the worst review in the history of humankind. ‘A waste of time and money…', 'I felt embarrassed to be a part of the human race…’, 'TOTALLY inappropriate'; and 'no talent, no story-line, no game…' are just a few snippets from that landmark text. The cast immediately had t-shirts printed with the worst of the quotes, and continued to challenge audiences with the show’s unique, non-theatrical style. 

In the words of the show’s creator, Milton Schorr: ‘We realised that the review was a shocked, purely honest response that gave us a perfect window into the dynamics of The Game. In rehearsal we discovered that the phrase “totally inappropriate” is exactly what The Game is about, because it means “honest”. From then on, whenever we worked on a new instalment, we asked ourselves “is this totally inappropriate, is this honest?” Honesty, we agreed, is what is often lacking on the stage, with productions usually re-presenting old themes and styles, which is why honesty is shocking.’ 

Despite the original reviewer’s feelings other people did like the play, some even loved it. ‘Funny as hell, brave as a motherfucker’, ‘I have never seen a room full of people laugh this hard’, and ‘it was like a rollercoaster’, were just a few of the sentiments gathered at that first performance. 

After a hiatus of nearly six years Milton Schorr and Brendan Murray, unable to shake the feeling that The Game still had an important place on the stage, decided to reprise the format in Cape Town with ‘The Game: Redemption’ (2015). ‘Shannon’s Tongue’ (2015), and 'Ohne Dich' (2016).

Dedicated Game Fan Ari Kruger shares the experience of watching ‘Redemption’ in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60TSb8ImCTI 

Book for The Game: Redemption by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 15th Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 16th Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 17th Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 18th Sep 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)

Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
performed by Klara Van Wyk. Directed by Francesco Nassimbeni
Warning: 16 + Language
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You Suck (And Other Inescapable Truths) offers excellent tips on how to "dance sexy, like in hip-hop', roll with the cool crew, and how to pick up hidden meanings in popular television shows.She’s loopy, she’s mean and she is the proud owner of 112 my little ponies. Part 'Dear Diary’, part social commentary, "YOU SUCK-and other inescapable truths", engages with growing in all its complexities. The curious concoction of day-dreaming, conspiracy theorizing and confessional monologues will have you asking yourself deep, probing questions...such as, 'Should I dye my hair Lilac?' 

So, imagine that Rainbow Brite crawled out of your 80's TV set, got herself expelled from Piet Retrief Sekondere for sniffing Tippex, only to wind up on your doorstep with a paper plane in her hair. 

You Suck (And Other Inescapable Truths) offers excellent tips on how to "dance sexy, like in hip-hop', roll with the cool crew, and how to pick up hidden meanings in popular television shows.

There will be some singing.
Francesco Nassimbeni is a writer, director and designer.
His work exists somewhere between the moving islands of performance and design. He is currently enrolled in a Masters degree at UCT, investigating methods of participatory art creation.

Klara van Wyk is an actress also currently doing her masters at UCT in clowning, last seen as ‘chalk girl’ in the Epicene Butcher and other Stories for Consenting Adults. 

Book for YOU SUCK & other inescapable truths by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 22nd Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 23rd Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 24th Sep 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 25th Sep 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)

Theatre / Storytelling • Running Time: 60 mins
Written & Performed by Lebogang Mogashoa directed by Hayleigh Evans
Warning: 16+ (mature content)
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Within a two year period that coincided with his thirtieth birthday, Lebogang Mogashoa moved countries, lost a parent, and changed careers. He insisted that he was fine; all he needed was chardonnay, an entire carrot cake and a good night’s sleep - every single day. Until he was mugged at gun point just before his thirty-first birthday. He suddenly found himself buried under the weight of three decade’s worth of terrifying experiences. In The Real Dirt, he examines some of those experiences through gratifyingly personal and hilarious stories that arrive at a satisfying moment of human connection, and an Apple product.

Self proclaimed African Queen, Lebo Mogahoa is a writer and storyteller based in Johannesburg. After completing a degree at UCT, he followed America’s next top model to Korea, where, sadly, instead he ended up teaching English… But he also developed a cult following for his Storytelling Series “When We Were Nearly Young”.  He returned to South Africa in 2014, where he has been running successful shows in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, while writing for TV and theatre. Lebo’s popularity has grown through his ability to share his honest experiences on difficult subject matters. He penned possibly the most raunchy story in “We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants” and is currently working with POPArt on The Storytellers Series. He has studied storytelling under the guidance of Kevin Allison of RISK!

He is currently a writer on the hit SA TV show, THE QUEEN

Book for THE REAL DIRT by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 29th Sep 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 30th Sep 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 1st Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 2nd Oct 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Gaëtan Schmid Directed by Lara Bye
Warning: 16+ (Content)
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Everything. Everything we think. Everything we do, we do it with one sole purpose in mind: Mating. Getting laid. SEX. Socially correct it might be not, but procreation is our ultimate goal. Says who? We do. And more specifically: our bodies. Our Body Language subconsciously reveals everybody’s very naughty mind.

Over the last 25 years Gaëtan has become obsessed with understanding our body language. The signification of our gestures. Our posturing. Our signs and signals. From our little pinkie we raise when drinking champagne to the breath we hold when passing a stunning creature … Every slightest move has a very specific raison d’être.

Embark with Schmid on the discovery of the hidden secrets of our body Language. A witty and funny full of revelatory “Wow, what the …!” journey spanning from the massive explosion of the Big Bang to the microscopic neurons flashing in our brains. “It is an off-the- rails TedTalk!”, says director and wife Lara Bye, who kept performer and husband Gaëtan Schmid on the rails as long as possible.

What the audience had to say

 “To be honest I didn't think I would enjoy the show, but I ended up laughing for hours. That’s how great this show was. 5 stars :)” Madiba

“Guytan was amazing, as always.” Kelly

“Excellent - Gaeton's funniest show yet.” Melissa

“Myself and my partner cannot stop raving on about it. It was one of the best comedy shows we've been to!” Jodilee

“It was fantastic...hysterical, high-octane, informative and enlightening! 5 outta 5! Well done Gaetan - looking forward to the next one!” Leigh

“High energy, crazy and informative - loved it!” Tracy

"FIVE STARS !!!" Susan

What the press had to say


During the hour-long show, Schmid combines comedy and biology to present a doubly captivating and hilarious talk which analyses evolution, body language and the human need for procreation. He uses slideshows, mime, and monologue that results in a clever TEDtalkcumcomedy showhybrid.                

Heather Cameron Cue 2015

A fascinating and hilarious one-man comedy about the mating rituals of the modern man. The fast paced performance from Gaetan Schmid, who with his zany wit, shares the differences between the sexes in this sometimes risque but never boring show. Very entertaining!  

Wendy King Cue 2015


In our brand new world of hyper-active connectivity we’ve become addicted to instant communication, to instant gratification. Quick and easy fixes but resulting in an obvious deterioration: plenty of pseudo connections, superficial relationships and hysterical miscommunications.

On the other hand, face to face contact is good old school communication. More slow food than fast food but refined over millions of years and with its original and most important ingredient: Body Language.

Unfortunately, today lots of us have lost the ability to read our body language properly and thus genuinely communicate with each other. But it’s not too late!


Gaëtan is a Belgian theatre artist currently living and working in South Africa.

After studying theatre at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France he toured exciting new creations to festivals and theatres all over the world. Russia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Wales, Uganda, Andorra, Spain and Scotland. 

Since arriving in South Africa 15 years ago – his South African wife (not wife then) told him to “come … come and have a look … couple of weeks max … – Gaëtan produces, creates, writes and performs his own excitingly original one-man-shows … well, most of them are his own: Body Language I & II, The Belgian, (Fleur du Cap nominated) Rumpsteak, The Dog’s Bollocks, The Incredible Beer Show, the pigeon and The Comical Tragedy. The first 2 and latter 2 were directed by his extraordinary wife Lara Bye(London Road, The Flying Dutchman, Rainbow Scars, Yellow Man), mother of their son Matteo (12) –Minecraft specialist.

For Body Language in The Office speaking & training:

Check Gaëtan’s day job at: http://thebodylanguage.wix.com/advantage

Book for THE MATING GAME aka Body Language II by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 6th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 7th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 8th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 9th Oct 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)