Dance • Running Time: 60 mins
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Join us for a double bill of Dance excellence with :

Teresa Phuti Mojela & Javier Velazquez Cabrero coproduce a piece in which minimal, settle and small gestures take an important place. The dancers reflect on how we physically relate to people who are far away. From people who have left the physical world, to characters relevant to the collective imagination.The construction of the work is based on the physicality of these projections, memories and imaginaries.

Soundtrack : Recycling Sounds / Persian Surgery Dervishes - Terry Riley

Black Psychology, Bull Shit is a dance duet that speaks about the notion of psychology and how the practice is closely associated to the white people or people who are rich or sort. The work looks at what it means for black people when they speak about Psychology.

Often in the black culture or society, speaking about issues and problems is not encouraged and it is seen as something that one should deal with on their own or intimately. Black culture does not encourage the notion of psychology whereas in the white supreme culture, psychology plays a big role especially when things fall apart.

The work performed by two dancers, in a set up that is similar to a consultation room. This is where then everything is played out just by two dancers being in a situation that they themselves are not sure of and are not voluntarily there.
The work explores the emotional aspects that come through the physicalizing of movement.

Directed, Conceptualised & Choreographed by THAMSANQA SEKOERE MAJELA
KALDI MAKUTIKE (Performer/Co-choreographer)
SIBUSISO MANKIND GUMEDE (Performer/Co-choreographer)

(please note a change in our regular scheduling with a Saturday matinee)

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Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Directed by Geraldine Naidoo Performed by Matthew Ribnick
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Geraldine Naidoo’s multi-award winning play, HOOT, is the hysterical and colourful journey of a rich white man who loses everything and ends up becoming a minibus taxi driver. Performed by Matthew Ribnick, the play has enjoyed a long and successful life since its premiere in 2005. 

Over the past 14 years, the play has constantly been adapted and updated in order to remain relevant and engaging in the rapidly changing world we are living in. The powerful story and important themes remain universal and timeless.

Set in contemporary South Africa, HOOT traces the life of Harold Potgieter - a wealthy white businessman who faces financial ruin when his business goes under and the bank repossesses his home and his luxury cars. His ‘trophy’ wife abandons him and he is left with nothing but the clothes on his back as he is forced to find a means to survive.

The play is a cross-cultural comedy of epic proportions, focusing on a desperate man in an unfamiliar world. Through snappy dialogue, split-second character changes and strong physical acting as well as a number of other skills, Ribnick brings a cast of over twenty hilarious and familiar local characters to life. 

Winner of the 2005 Naledi Award for Best Comedy Performance, the play was also the top-selling show of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 National Arts Festival Fringe in Grahamstown. In 2006, HOOT enjoyed a run in the Netherlands, where it received standing ovations.  HOOT also won 2 prestigious Fleur Du Cap awards in Cape Town in 2006.

What the media had to say about Hoot

"Don't miss this outstanding show!"

Billy Suter, the Mercury

"one of the greatest theatrical pleasures of the last few years … nothing short of astonishing"

Peter Tromp, Cape times

"With Hoot, Matthew Ribnick has achieved something quite astounding … Seldom do intelligence, emotional truth and pure entertainment intersect with such precision and so little pretension."

Peter Machen, Weekend Witness

"Ribnick is a sterling storyteller, working with a well-researched script.  He changes accents and characters quicker than fast food is gobbled, and his take on post-democratic South Africa is spot-on"

Yazeed Kamaldien, Cape Argus

"Quite simply, in it's conception, writing, direction and performance, Hoot is a glorious defining moment in post-democratic South African theatre."

Adrienne Sichel, The Star

“HOOT is excellent entertainment”

Scott Burnett, Sunday Times

"A masterful Performance"

                        Marianne Thamm, www.fdcawards.co.za

"Quite simply, the show is hilarious.  Ribnick's intelligent and intense performance is guaranteed to keep South African's in stitches for some time to come."

Twanji Kalula, Varsity

“One of the finest one-man shows of this or any other year”

Billy Suter, the Mercury

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Thu 28th Nov 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 29th Nov 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 30th Nov 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 1st Dec 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

A Games show meets Sketch format • Running Time: 120 mins
Hosted by Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs | Special guests every month | Presented by Kiri Pink Nob and POPArt Productions
Warning: +16 Mature Content
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Eita holla!
Lovers of game shows, quiz shows, talk shows and current affairs- this one is for you!
It’s the freshest, coolest live uniquely Mzansi game show double bill and we bringing it to you once a month at the POPART theatre.

Let the games begin!

Hosted by Standard Bank Young Artist for theatre 2020, Jefferson Tshabalala 

***Winner of Standard Bank Ovation GOLD award at National Arts Festival 2018. 

***Nominated for Freshest show, Fresh performer and Fresh creative, Cape Town Fringe 2017.

The Game Show Double Bill features two different styles of game show formats pitched at a same same but different audiences, separated by a short interval. Created and hosted by venerated writer, director and performer, J.Bobs Tshabalala the two game shows presented are “OFF THE RECORD” and “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie”. Together they have audiences banging down the door to attend, participate and let their inner competitor revel in a mash up of theatre, improv, sketch and game show all very cleverly compiled by the show’s writers to offer insight into uniquely South African realities. 


The Game Show Double Bill concept has been refined during a long national tour to several spaces around the country and will continue to perform in spaces to entertain, educate and grow it’s audiences. POPArt hosted J.Bobs and the Kiri Pink Knob team for the first time in May this year, and it was unanimously decided that a long term collaboration is in order. “OFF THE RECORD”  is a panel, game and quiz show hybrid that features two celebrity competitors representing their teams in the audience. A show that banters about with humour and controversy, much like a QI, task master J.Bobs is looking for the answers that ain’t obviaas. “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie” features team captains, points, drama, suspense and some amazing physical challenges from the special guests. It’s a sketch and skit show with a variety of vignettes that examine, celebrate, critique and reflect poignantly on the vast lived experiences of many in the South African Townships: a show that looks like, sounds like and operates like the lokishi. All in all, an evening of excellent entertainment. 

“Here, the overt flamboyance of the township, meets the subdued vileness of suburbia, and the blend is as beautiful as it is intriguing. A romantic blend of palates that are very seldom paired emerges. The taste makes for quite the evening of riotous entertainment”, says creator and host J.Bobs Tshabalala. “One is the quintessential township jousting tournament, a battle of urban suave and kasi finesse (LLL).  The other locates its crux in the holds of reserved suburbia being unleashed, a battle of quant decorum and sharp wits (OTR). Combined, these shows give to the audience a fuller experiential scope of the larger South African narrative”. 

This is what makes the show a perfect fit at POPArt. “With a constant focus on. developing a broad audience base, as well using arts and culture as a vehicle for sharing South African experiences, this double bill is something that fits perfectly within the frame  artistic direction, as well as appeals to our existing and desired audience”, says Hayleigh Evans of The POPArt Theatre. “ We believe that playing on a regular basis will grow the audience and maximize additional opportunities for the format. All in all, a perfect long term collaboration” 

About Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts (Pty) Ltd. This company produces straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events.  Recently, he has started producing game shows for the stage and screen. 

Tshabalala creates works across varied fields, ranging from Orthodox Drama to Hip Hop Theatre. He was nominated at the 2014 Naledi Theatre Awards for the Best Emerging Voice award, and in 2015 his production of Secret Ballot was nominated at the Naledi Awards for Best Ensemble production. In 2014, he also became a director in residency at the Market Theatre, to create a new play for the senior students at the Market Theatre Laboratory, for the Student Festival in Grahamstown, and for the Arts Alive festival in Johannesburg.  

As an independent theatre producer, Tshabalala has etched a unique niche for himself as both a professional director, and an experimental creative, striking a fine balance in order to cater for both an emerging, and an established market. His dexterity has also seen him work in various capacities, as a writer, director and also a performer. At Kiri Pink Nob, he is the Managing and Artistic Director. 

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Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Directed by Roberto Pombo Performed by Hayleigh Evans, Denel Honeyball and Lisa Derryn Ovary
Warning: 16+
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"Becky, please turn off the lights" is an absurdist-grotesque rollercoaster.

Set against the backdrop of a lavish restaurant/club complex and a #fun bachelorette, three bestest friends let loose, celebrating to true love, friendship and #beingblessed. As things get #lit, the evening slowly starts to unravel descending into a harrowing horror show as disaster eventually strikes. Using their bank cards and privilege, our three friends avoid the carnage death while taking cute selfies as things fall apart around them.

Will their tight-knit friendship survive what the evening has in store for them? Or will inevitable doom and destruction separate them forever?

Directed by Roberto Pombo. Starring Lisa Derryn Overy, Hayleigh Evans and Denel Honeyball.

Brought to you by Robaby Productions (Father, Father, Father! and Kid Casino). 

Book for BECKY, please turn off the lights by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 5th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 6th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 7th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 8th Dec 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Created and performed by Wandile A. Nodliwa and Mzamo B. Mkhombe
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Hostile Anonymous intrudes into the dark forest of terror in attempt to break out Bantu’s bondages, will he win?

The play follows a journey of Anonymous who is in search of his long–lost friend Bantu. He finds him, but is then faced with a challenge of brining him back to consciousness.

The play makes use of symbolism, repetitive quotes, poetry and movement/dance,  covering major themes of identity and depression, stemming from a combination of our upbringing, culture, media and political system. 


The title is ‘Iwisa-The Fist’ comes from the cultural value of the knobkierie (Iwisa) to the African tribe known as Nguni Tribe. It is said 79.4% of South Africans initiate from the very tribe, fathered by UMnguni. Iwisa is said to be made from one of the strongest trees found along the southern regions of Africa, a tree called Umsimbithi. Iwisa is used by men and young boys in ways of protection and cracking fruit and veggies to feed in.

The Fist is the signal of victory in our country and other neighbouring countries, and so we come with the name “Iwisa – The Fist”.


An actor, director, playwright and choreographer by profession, Nodliwa started his artistic journey in 2009 when he was only doing karate and school competitions, he then evolved to doing community theatre from 2011 till 2014, which has opened doors for him and gave him a glimpse of what the arts industry might be like. Thereafter, he went under Vusi Makhanya’s wing in dance training in 2015. He then took a leap of faith and enrolled at the Durban University of Technology for a National Diploma in Drama and Production Studies in 2016 and graduated in 2019.  Nodliwa has performed in various stages including the Stable Theatre, The Courtyard Theatre, Rhodes Theatre (Grahamstown), and Folkwang Theatre (Germany) amongst many more.  He has directed The Playroom written by Thandolwethu Zembe and was showcased at the Courtyard Theatre.   


Mzamo Brian Mkhombe is a 31-year-old professional actor, playwright, director, dee jay and a poet, amongst other artistic elements. He started his career in 2010 in Emuhle All Artists community theatre group and has performed in various stages including the Baxter Theatre, The Playhouse, The Market Lab Theatre, Catalina and the Folkwang Theatre in Germany. He directed Caged by Neil Coopen and The Brotherhood in 2018 which was performed at the courtyard theatre as his third year directing project. Done commercials as main for Game Store 2016 and 2017. 


Othembele Nomgca is an 18-year-old, born in the Eastern Cape from a small town called Flagstaff. He then moved to Kokstad to start formal school, this is where he got introduced to Sports such as Rugby and Opera Music. He took both these abilities with him through High school and got also involved with art through music. Some of the performances were held at Durban Playhouse Theatre (opera theatre) SASCE competition. At the age of 16 when he matriculated at Mount Currie S.S.S, he then enrolled at Durban University of Technology to study Drama and Production Studies in 2018. This is when performance arts have taken a major part in his life as he had been involved in the productions done at the Courtyard Theatre, most known play would be a Zulu production USIZA (2019). He is now doing his second year at Durban University of Technology. 

Book for IWISA - The Fist! by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 12th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 13th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 14th Dec 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 15th Dec 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)