Theatre / Storytelling • Running Time: 60 mins
Written & Performed by Lebogang Mogashoa Directed by Hayleigh Evans Produced by POPArt Productions
Warning: 16+ (mature content)
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POPArt Productions proudly presents an all new one man show by Lebogang Mogashoa. 

Following a hugely successful launch at POPUpstairs at the Alexander Bar, "The Real Dirt" premiers this September at the POPArt Theatre. 

Within a two year period that coincided with his thirtieth birthday, Lebogang Mogashoa moved countries, lost a parent, and changed careers. He insisted that he was fine; all he needed was chardonnay, an entire carrot cake and a good night’s sleep - every single day. Until he was mugged at gun point just before his thirty-first birthday. He suddenly found himself buried under the weight of three decade’s worth of terrifying experiences. In The Real Dirt, he examines some of those experiences through gratifyingly personal and hilarious stories that arrive at a satisfying moment of human connection, and an Apple product.

Lebo Mogahoa is a writer and storyteller based in Johannesburg. After completing a degree at UCT, he followed America’s next top model to Korea, where, sadly, instead he ended up teaching English… But he also developed a cult following for his Storytelling Series “When We Were Nearly Young”.  He returned to South Africa in 2014, where he has been running successful shows in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, while writing for TV and theatre. Lebo’s popularity has grown through his ability to share his honest experiences on difficult subject matters. He penned possibly the most raunchy story in “We Didn’t Come to Hell for the Croissants” and is currently working with POPArt on The Storytellers Series. He has studied storytelling under the guidance of Kevin Allison of RISK!

He is currently a writer on the hit SA TV show, THE QUEEN

Book for THE REAL DIRT by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 29th Sep 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 30th Sep 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 1st Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 2nd Oct 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Gaëtan Schmid Directed by Lara Bye
Warning: 16+ (Content)
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Everything. Everything we think. Everything we do, we do it with one sole purpose in mind: Mating. Getting laid. SEX. Socially correct it might be not, but procreation is our ultimate goal. Says who? We do. And more specifically: our bodies. Our Body Language subconsciously reveals everybody’s very naughty mind.

Over the last 25 years Gaëtan has become obsessed with understanding our body language. The signification of our gestures. Our posturing. Our signs and signals. From our little pinkie we raise when drinking champagne to the breath we hold when passing a stunning creature … Every slightest move has a very specific raison d’être.

Embark with Schmid on the discovery of the hidden secrets of our body Language. A witty and funny full of revelatory “Wow, what the …!” journey spanning from the massive explosion of the Big Bang to the microscopic neurons flashing in our brains. “It is an off-the- rails TedTalk!”, says director and wife Lara Bye, who kept performer and husband Gaëtan Schmid on the rails as long as possible.

What the audience had to say

 “To be honest I didn't think I would enjoy the show, but I ended up laughing for hours. That’s how great this show was. 5 stars :)” Madiba

“Guytan was amazing, as always.” Kelly

“Excellent - Gaeton's funniest show yet.” Melissa

“Myself and my partner cannot stop raving on about it. It was one of the best comedy shows we've been to!” Jodilee

“It was fantastic...hysterical, high-octane, informative and enlightening! 5 outta 5! Well done Gaetan - looking forward to the next one!” Leigh

“High energy, crazy and informative - loved it!” Tracy

"FIVE STARS !!!" Susan

What the press had to say


"During the hour-long show, Schmid combines comedy and biology to present a doubly captivating and hilarious talk which analyses evolution, body language and the human need for procreation. He uses slideshows, mime, and monologue that results in a clever TEDtalkcumcomedy showhybrid.  "              

Heather Cameron Cue 2015

"A fascinating and hilarious one-man comedy about the mating rituals of the modern man. The fast paced performance from Gaetan Schmid, who with his zany wit, shares the differences between the sexes in this sometimes risque but never boring show. Very entertaining!"

Wendy King Cue 2015

“Gaëtan Schmid is back; and thank goodness for that. With his hilariously funny ‘lecture’ on the mating rituals of man we all wish we had him for a biology teacher. Excellent use of various forms of multimedia keeps the audience rolling in the aisles.” 

Karen Kouari CUE 2016


In our brand new world of hyper-active connectivity we’ve become addicted to instant communication, to instant gratification. Quick and easy fixes but resulting in an obvious deterioration: plenty of pseudo connections, superficial relationships and hysterical miscommunications.

On the other hand, face to face contact is good old school communication. More slow food than fast food but refined over millions of years and with its original and most important ingredient: Body Language.

Unfortunately, today lots of us have lost the ability to read our body language properly and thus genuinely communicate with each other. But it’s not too late!


Gaëtan is a Belgian theatre artist currently living and working in South Africa.

After studying theatre at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France he toured exciting new creations to festivals and theatres all over the world. Russia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Wales, Uganda, Andorra, Spain and Scotland. 

Since arriving in South Africa 15 years ago – his South African wife (not wife then) told him to “come … come and have a look … couple of weeks max … – Gaëtan produces, creates, writes and performs his own excitingly original one-man-shows … well, most of them are his own: Body Language I & II, The Belgian, (Fleur du Cap nominated) Rumpsteak, The Dog’s Bollocks, The Incredible Beer Show, the pigeon and The Comical Tragedy. The first 2 and latter 2 were directed by his extraordinary wife Lara Bye(London Road, The Flying Dutchman, Rainbow Scars, Yellow Man), mother of their son Matteo (12) –Minecraft specialist.

For Body Language in The Office speaking & training:

Check Gaëtan’s day job at: http://thebodylanguage.wix.com/advantage

Book for THE MATING GAME aka Body Language II by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 6th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 7th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 8th Oct 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 9th Oct 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)

True Contemporary Storytelling • Running Time: 60 mins
Hosted by Lebogang Mogashoa. Each show featuring new guests
Warning: 16+ mature content
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This is not your camp fire type of Storytelling. It's more like being at a dinner party... With a lot of wine. Where the truth really flows... 
What we like to cll our very own queer church!

The Storytellers Series aims to create a place for sharing New South African Stories, any stories. Modelled on shows like the Moth, RISK! and This American Life, the only rule is that the stories have to be 100% true. 

Lebo was born in 1985, in Johannesburg. He grew up in a small village, then a bigger one, followed by an all-boys Catholic boarding school and finally my big move into Cape Town where he completed a Film and Media undergrad degree. He then headed to Korea to teach English where he started his story telling series “When we were nearly Young”, which developed a cult following. He returned to Johannesburg in 2013, and has been presenting the same series in partnership with POPArt. He is currently writing for TV.

Book for THE STORYTELLERS SERIES by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Tue 11th Oct 8pm R80 (R60 online) Tue 25th Oct 8pm R80 (R60 online) Tue 8th Nov 8pm R80 (R60 online) Tue 22nd Nov 8pm R80 (R60 online)

Theatre/Comedy/Farce • Running Time: 70 mins
Performed by Andisiwe Mpinda and Nyakallo Motloung Directed by Pusetso Thibedi Written J.Bobs Tshabalala
Warning: 16+ Mature Content
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Imagine, if you will, that it is a time of Kings and Queens and prodigious battles of grandeur- in the Victorian era. Dream even further, if it pleases, that it is these times, in this one (the 21st century) in South Africa’s ghetto residential locale. Two Lords are at the height of an epic war, with each other. To surpass all clichés, their duel is for what else, but, the hand of a maiden- the fair lady, Princess Squeeza. Lord Guluva of Extension 8, and, Lord McLova of Zone 9 are scheduled to be in a bout to the death, and the victor marries her. May the best of the Lords win. On this day, they clash…

Kiri Pink Nob is a Johannesburg based black owned and black managed art emporium incorporated in April 2009.

It boasts a myriad of theatre productions such as Missionary Positions which debuted at the Drama For Life Festival at WITS University (2008) and has since had several other runs in and around Johannesburg, Cauterized Amoeba staged at the Fringe Festival at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown (2009), Ityala Lom’Hlawulo which had two runs at the Market Theatre Laboratory, and Notes to Beverly which was staged at the Space Frame Theatre in Parktown, JHB. Kiri Pink Nob also produces Live Arts Sessions and the TEWOP (The Elite Wing Of Poetry) movement.

The company is involved in many other spheres of the performing arts industry in and around Johannesburg.

Kiri Pink Nob's recent productions include Secret Ballot and Poet.O.Type, and has been deemed as 'the kind of theatre South Africa needs right now' by the Daily Maverick (2010).

Book for A FARSENATING BLACKFARSE by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 13th Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 14th Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 15th Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 16th Oct 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 45 mins
Directed by Mahlatsi Mokgonyana Written and performed by Mbali Malinga
Warning: +16 Mature Content
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Complexion is about a girl who grows up in the township facing different challenges in different stages of her life. We see the world through her eyes from the time she is born. We are introduced to the various people in her life who shape and mould the complexities of her complexion. Our Humanity is strongly influenced by the apparatus of our upbringing. Who we are is not who we become, but who we are made to be. Do we have the agency to change ourselves and/or our context? TO BE OR NOT TO BE… has been the leading theme of this play; to survive or not to survive? To be oppressed or to not be oppressed? To be…

Book for Complexion by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 20th Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 21st Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 22nd Oct 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 23rd Oct 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Musical Theatre Workshop • Running Time: 306 mins
Training by Godfrey Johnson
Warning: Please note that this workshop is aimed at professional actors, performers and singers, and advanced students entering the profession.
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PopArt Theatre & Godfrey Johnson Productions join forces on October 22 2016, in a workshop tailored to amplify opportunities for professional actors, performers and singers, and advanced students entering the profession.

Award winner Godfrey Johnson is your trainer for the day. Actor, musician, composer, the power of his professional success and sought-after training & directing skills (UCT/Pieter-Dirk Uys/Pieter Toerien) deliver rapid results for participants seeking to:

- Maximise successful auditions

- Find your voice as a singing performer

- Create convincing characters, rapidly

- Amplify strengths in multiple environments

- Focus confidence and conviction

When: Saturday, 22 October 2016

Where: POPArt Theatre, Fox Street, Johannesburg

Time: 10am to 4pm

Visit: www.godfreyjohnson.com or www.popartcentre.co.za

Only 15 PLACES Available

Cost: R550

Early-bird Special: R500 before 15 October 

For more information email: popartjhb@gmail.com/ 083 245 1040

Book for The Music of Theatre: Careerist Workshop with Godfrey Johnson by clicking this button:
Sat 22nd Oct 10am R500: Hurry! Only 14 tickets left!

Live Nude Literary Salon • Running Time: 80 mins
Warning: 16+
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There is something altogether more intimate about a woman reading in the nude. Let the thrilling and eccentric ladies mesmerise you with their tales from a range of novels, short stories and modern fiction and allow you to witness the delight and splendour of women who like to read… naked. 

What is Naked Girls Reading? 
At each event, a small cast of beautiful ladies remove their clothing (yes, all of it) and read to 
an adoring audience.

Are the girls really naked? 
Yes, we are.

Is the audience naked? 
No they are not.

Do the girls read to themselves or out loud? 
We read out loud to the audience. It is entertaining, magical, often funny, sometimes heart-wrenching and really very sexy.

Book for Naked Girls Reading : Halloween by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Fri 28th Oct 8pm R130 (R120 online) Sat 29th Oct 8pm R130 (R120 online) Sun 30th Oct 3:30pm R130 (R120 online)

Theatre/Clowning • Running Time: 50 mins
Performed and Directed by Ryan Napier Facilitated by Tristan Jacobs
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 Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel. 

Death of a Clown presents the struggles of a lone Pierrot (tragic clown) as he repeatedly attempts to make his audience, and cardboard friends, laugh with a variety of acts ranging from impressive spectacles to the emotionally impactful. As his failures begin to pile up our Pierrot’s desperation begins to mount, as he tries more outlandish forms of entertainment. In doing so, uncovering the cruelty inherent in theatre and the world of art.

“Theatrically excellent.”- CUE 2016.

Book for Death of a Clown by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 3rd Nov 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 4th Nov 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 5th Nov 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 6th Nov 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Workshop • Running Time: 300 mins
Facilitated by Jade Manicom
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A workshop that gives insight into stage lighting: the basics. Perfect for directors who want to know more about lighting.

The 5 hour workshop will cover some of the following aspects of lighting: 
- Functions of stage lighting & why it has become important 
- The psychology of light
- Controllable properties of light 
- Power & DMX 
- Fixture types 
- Approaching the design 
- Practical exercises

Jade Manicom is a professional lighting designer & technician. She has managed venues at the National Arts Festival for several years and designed a number of shows that have featured at POPArt. 

Some feedback on a previous lighting workshop facilitated by Jade:
A very interesting and illuminating workshop. It broadened my understanding of the field of lighting and I feel confident in tackling this feild in my personal career. I would however like to see more workshops of this calibre such as directing, acting, sound, writing etc. These help us further gain knowledge in this industry and broaden our horizen. Thank you so much for yesterday Grahamstown will be LIT!!!

Total cost for 5 hour workshop: R 350. Payment essential to book. 

Book for LIGHTING WORKSHOP 2.0: A Brief Introduction to Stage Lighting with Jade Manicom by clicking this button:
Sat 5th Nov 11am R350: Hurry! Only 20 tickets left!

Theatre, Comedy • Running Time: 70 mins
Performed and Written by Mortimer Williams Directed and Written by Kristy Suttner
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Join critically acclaimed theatre actor, TV actor, madly talented vocalist and professional k*k talker Mortimer Williams as he discovers the unchartered territory which fascinates us all… the mind of the South African male.

Stand up comedy meets cabaret in this hilarious show as Morty takes us through stories and songs which demonstrate just what it is that makes the SA male tick… with a few surprises along the way!

From testosterone to toilet time this one man adventure has it all! Morty will reveal all… literally and figuratively as you join him in doing the Full Morty… although it might not be the way you think!

Morty is the perfect combination of talent, charisma and devilish naughtiness to provide the perfect evening of entertainment for guys and girls of all ages.

The Full Morty opened  in April 2015 and has exploded onto the SA theatre scene, playing two seasons at the Joburg Theatre and two sell-out National Arts Festivals in Grahamstown (2015/2016) 

Some reviews:

“Hilarious, versatile and simply superb performance by Mortimer Williams.” - Loren Schiebe, audience member

“Williams is a triple threat – actor, dancer and singer – and is able to do all three to a very high standard.”  - Bruce Dennill, Independent theatre critic

“This candid production is guaranteed to have you reeling in your seat in a humour packed, side-splitting 70 minute production” - Jaco Lotriet, Stage and Screen Magazine

“I literally lagged so hard I was wiping my eye make up off! #truestory.”  - Heather Hook, Media personality


The Full Morty is proudly brought to you by Ginger Cube Productions. That is, a couple of crazies who love to make people laugh. 

Mortimer Williams (performer/writer) is one of South Africa’s most loved personalities and versatile performers on stage and screen alike, most recently including the widely watched Erfsondes and Skeem Saam.

Morty can’t wait to do the Full Morty with you!


Kristy Suttner (director/writer) is a singer, actress, director and writer who passionate about South African theatre and has an impressive of both large and small scale theatre productions.

Kristy is pleased to let the ladies out there know that the Full Morty has been audited by a girl and is better for it 

Book for The Full Morty by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 17th Nov 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 18th Nov 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 19th Nov 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 20th Nov 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)