Theatre • Running Time: 120 mins
Presented by Indigo View
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In 2015 the Advanced Actors Academy began and the two plays have actors, writers, directors and producers who partook in the academy’s training course. This evening of ORIGINALS was initiated by Steven Feinstein as a vehicle to further develop and extend new skills in directing, producing and writing for the stage. Feinstein has mentored each production but allowed the development of the stories to be owned by the individuals, encouraging the collaborative and organic process that theatre-making can and should be.We have a voice as South African artists and the Originals has been created to give platform to those voices, an opportunity for production teams to learn new and necessary skills pertaining to our industry and to introduce audiences to another generation of artists who have something to say. The following plays will be staged for the first time:

Same Same But Different

Written by Michaella Russell & Directed by Campbell Meas

Nothing in life is free, one of those nagging truths, yet every rule has a loophole. Imagine if we found it. Dive into a dystopian world and explore a South Africa not so far removed from the one we know today and even, sadly, the one we've known in the past. Get consumed by this gripping thriller where money isn’t the only currency and marks don’t always count. We invite you to glimpse tomorrow’s South Africa, where education is finally free but understanding costs. 


Written by Yeshua Moraka & Directed by Christine Van Hees and Natasha Farber

Millennials, love and the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

When four university students discover that they’ve unknowingly been entangled in a love quadrilateral, their respective friendships are put to the test and they must set aside their differences in an attempt to make sense of it all. The outcome is an amalgamation of hilarious moments of hysteria.

ORIGINALS runs for approximately 2hrs including an interval.

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Fri 28th Apr 8pm R100 (R80 online): Hurry! Only 29 tickets left! Sat 29th Apr 8pm: Sorry, sold out Sun 30th Apr 3:30pm R100 (R80 online): Hurry! Only 29 tickets left!

Comedy • Running Time: 120 mins
SA's Top comedians

#theboxcomedy is a weekly stand up comedy gig hosted at the POPArt Theatre EVERY Sunday evening… Hosted in very proud partnership with our friends at Goliath&Goliath – the Box gives you the chance to catch some of the biggest names in SA comedy for the price of R 50…

Check our social media for this week's line up. 

#theboxcomedy is a weekly stand up comedy gig hosted at the POPArt Theatre EVERY Sunday evening… Hosted in very proud partnership with our friends at Goliath&Goliath – the Box gives you the chance to catch some of the biggest names in SA comedy for the price of R 50…

Check our social media for this week's line up. 

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Sun 30th Apr 8pm R50 Sun 7th May 8pm R50 Sun 14th May 8pm R50 Sun 21st May 8pm R50

A Game, Meets Talk, Meets Sketch format • Running Time: 60 mins
Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs Presented by Kiri Pink Nob
Warning: +16 Mature Content
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J. Bobs Live - A Game Show Double Bill will be shaking up Johannesburg. It is the brainchild of Jozi’s l’enfant terrible, director and playwright Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs. Kiri Pink Nob (KPN) is the arts production house behind this unique event that examines, celebrates, and poignantly reflects on the vast experiences lived in South Africa’s many townships (Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie) and suburbs (Off The Record). 

After a season in Cape Town, J. Bobs returns to Johannesburg with a hybrid show that is going to have you banging down the door to attend, participate and let your inner competitor revel in a mash up of theatre, improv, sketch comedy and game show! It ain’t Survivor, it ain’t Telly Fun Quiz, its Location l Lekeyshini l Lokasie (LLL).

This first show on the bill is the zonke bonke, the melting pot or rather the potjie of the Mzansi game show experience. J.Bobs plays host, compere or should we say rabble rouser. It’s a quiz show that’s street and hip and celebrates all things lekeyshini. Teams will vie for points and position. There’ll be games, comedy skits and variety vignettes. Hell, its charades on steroids with a chakalaka twist! You’ll be beat boxing to hit the floor to show how well you can score.

Doubling up the trouble will be the second event for the evening, Off The Record (OTR). This new kid on the block takes hints from its predecessor but is a whole new mixtape of funk. It’s a triptych of sorts. Undercover of course. A Panel Show that banters about with humour and controversial commentary. All quiz shows step aside. A game show ain’t a game show without a quintessential quiz. Your task master J. Bobs is looking for the answers that ain’t oviaas! We will end the evening with some physical games entering this bad ass brew. 

The genius, the man behind the madness is a well-seasoned pro. Defying definition Tshabalala is a maverick, an unashamed iconoclast. He moves with swag and skill throughout a multitude of artistic forms. From writing to acting to directing he does it all. The CV is beyond impressive. 

Let The Games Begin!

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Mon 1st May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Tue 2nd May 8pm R100 (R80 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 55 mins
Devised by Benjamin Bell, Lebogang Mphahlele and Thulani Mtsweni | Written by Lebogang Mphahlele | Performed by Lebogang Mphahlele and Thulani Mtsweni | Conceived and Directed by Benjamin Bell | Produced by Drama for Life Creative Research Hub
Warning: +13
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Kasi Stories: Stories not Often Told tells the story of Xola and Thabo's friendship. We see the two young men at different stages of their lives though the play, as the boys move further apart economically it's their shared reality of failed fatherhood which both hold their friendship together and threatens to tear it apart. The two friends consistently come to blows about the matter as neither of them truly understands what the other is going through. Thabo wishes he had a Dad living in his house as his mother often changes men. Xola wishes he didn’t have a father and that he and his mother were safe. Kasi Stories asks pertinent questions about the failure of the father figure in the South African context.

About Drama for Life Creative Research Hub
Drama for Life Creative Research Hub is the new multi-purpose performance laboratory, conversation hotspot and resource centre dedicated to cutting-edge creative, empirical and conventional research in the heart of Braamfontein.

About Drama for Life
Drama for Life is a global leader in an integrated approach to arts for social transformation and healing. This unique centre, based at the University of the Witwatersrand, brings together academic, research and local and international projects to explore, serve and grow the role of arts for social change.

Drama for Life is an active leader in providing performances, arts-based interventions, and accredited workshops and trainings throughout the SADC region for partners and leading arts festivals.

Team Biographies:

Benjamin Bell

In 2012 Benjamin graduated with an Honours degree in Directing and Performance at the University of Witwatersrand. Ben's primary creative focus is Theatre-Making, some of his highlights include directing Suzan Lori Park’s Pulitzer Prize winning Topdog/Underdog for his final directing presentation at Wits in 2011 and he won the Percy Tucker Prize for best director for his efforts. His production Somewhere over the Rainbow a collaborative piece which explores the many faces of contemporary Johannesburg received positive responses at Arts Alive 2013. Recently, Benjamin curated and directed a trio of adapted Chekhov classics which premiered at the Johannesburg Theatre in May 2015. Ben has an interest in writing for the stage and has penned two plays (The Crayon Tower 2013, Love in a Cardboard Box 2014). He has a passion for the collaborative process and a personal vision of bringing great writing back to South African Theatre. Ben joined Drama for Life in 2014 and now heads up the theatre and live performance portfolio which includes managing Drama for Life’s Creative Research Hub and various Drama for Life arts festivals.

Lebogang Mphahlele
Lebogang Mphahlele (32) studied at Stageworld Theatre School and obtained a Certificate in Speech and Drama and then continued to go and study at AFDA JHB and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Live Performance. He has worked extensively in Children's Theatre productions at the Peoples Theatre. During that period he also worked in the TV industry and had small roles in productions such as Noah's Ark, Blind Ambitions, Task Force, Him, Her and the Guys and more recently Scandal. Theatre has always been his love and apart from Children's Theatre Productions he's performed in  The Good Candidate which was at the Suidoosterfees in Cape Town as well as working for PAST (The Paleontological Scientific Trust) which deals with the teaching of evolution to Matric students in the Gauteng and Limpopo Province. Apart from being an actor he has also put his fingers in other pie's, donning the hat of Director and translating The Proposal an Anton Chekhov play. He also translated The Bear. This is his first original play that he has written thanks to the help of Benjamin Bell and Thulani Mtsweni. 

Thulani Mtsweni
Thulani Mtsweni born in 1987 on the 12th of March in the eastern part of Johannesburg. It was during in his schooling days that Thulani decided he wanted to be an actor, after matric he went to Lovelife and volunteered for two years. In 2009 he participated in an Industrial theatre piece for Department of Home Affairs which toured Gauteng. Thulani’s film and theatre credits include: The Good Candidate directed by Andre Stolz, a Skrillex music video, Primal directed by Tshepo Ratona at the South African State Theatre, The Proposal directed by Lebohang Mphahlele, The Bear directed by Benjamin Bell, WitsOweek production directed by Benjamin Bell, Inn Time directed by Tshepo Ratona at NAF, Kowethu directed by Rolie Nikiwe, Vodacom advert and Infidel direct by Tshepo Ratona at the Stop Crime Festival.

Book for Kasi Stories: Stories not Often Told by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 4th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 5th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 6th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 7th May 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)

Workshop • Running Time: 300 mins
Facilitated by Anthea Moys
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Are you curious about performance art? Play and public space? In the material and mechanics of performance work? Are you interested in artist to audience relationship in this work? Are you wanting to create and test out something new and get feedback? Or are you just wanting to meet some new folk and do something completely different in this fantastic city?!

Yes? Then this is for you! 

You can't teach performance art. There is no rulebook. Performance art is essentially an anarchic process that lives in between the rules and constantly remakes and rewrites them anew. But we can talk, discuss, play and test things out in order to understand this wild beast a bit better: To find out what your relationship is to this art form. It can also, believe it or not, be really FUN! Come find out!  NO PREVIOUS ARTISTIC TRAINING NEEDED! JUST COME, DIVE IN AND PLAY!

Some things we will be dealing with: 

·       Time - crescendo, duration, time (like paint is to a painter) as the very material that performance is made of

·       Audience(s) - who are you talking to and why? What are the rules? Is it participatory? Is it clear? 

·       Site - where are you making work? Why are you doing it there? Do you take something with? Leave something behind?

·       Self - is it all about you or is it about the in between - between you and site, between you and audiences? 

·       Documentation - how does it live on? 

We need a minimum of 5 people! Bring your friends 

Email will be sent to individual participants closer to the time with specific requirements (nothing hectic!) and readings of interest. 


Anthea is an artist, a teacher, a play facilitator, a public speaker, a constant learner and a bad singer who has started an experimental choir. In 2008 she completed her Masters at Wits with a focus on play and performance in public space. In 2013 she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art (inaugural) where she created her “Vs.” series, which embraced failure and reimagined winning as the act of learning itself. In May 2015 she participated in the Johannesburg Pavilion residency at the 56th Venice Biennale. In 2016, Anthea co-initiated and produced the Hey Hillbrow let’s dlala! public art parade and was a workshop facilitator for My Alex – Youth Perceptions of Place. In March 2017 Anthea was the keynote speaker CounterPlay festival in Denmark. Anthea lives, learns, works and plays in Johannesburg. 

Anthea has dedicated the most part of her life to the study and practice of play and performance in public space and her playground has predominantly been Johannesburg. 

Book for WORKSHOP : Fast performance art 101 : a crash course with Anthea Moys by clicking this button:
Sat 6th May 11am R400: Hurry! Only 19 tickets left!

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Directed by Kirsten Harris | Featuring Kaygee Latescholonyana, Ryan Dittmann & Tebogo Machaba
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Three actors transform a small space and a ladder into a myriad of imagined worlds. Using physical theatre and clowning they tell the stories of fire fighters working in the city of Johannesburg. Fire House is a devised offering, a social X-ray of the stories of three civil servants fighting fires against a backdrop of political instability and fires that cannot be contained.

Book for FIREHOUSE by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 11th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 12th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 13th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 14th May 3:30pm R80

Live Nude Literary Salon • Running Time: 80 mins
Warning: 16+
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This mother's day, Naked Girls Reading brings you a special mother's day event, for one show only. With readings that celebrate women and the many faces of the matriarch. 

There is something altogether more intimate about a woman reading in the nude. Let the thrilling and eccentric ladies mesmerise you with their tales from a range of novels, short stories and modern fiction and allow you to witness the delight and splendour of women who like to read… naked. 

What is Naked Girls Reading? 
At each event, a small cast of beautiful ladies remove their clothing (yes, all of it) and read to 
an adoring audience.

Are the girls really naked? 
Yes, we are.

Is the audience naked? 
No they are not.

Do the girls read to themselves or out loud? 
We read out loud to the audience. It is entertaining, magical, often funny, sometimes heart-wrenching and really very sexy.

Book for Naked Girls Reading: Dear Mamma by clicking this button:
Sun 14th May 12pm R130 (R120 online)

Dining experience • Running Time: 180 mins
Maboneng's top food retailers prepare a collective meal at OPEN
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Join us for a culinary celebration prepared collectively by Maboneng's top food entrepreneurs. 

Meet and greet the people behind restaurants in Maboneng, and eat a taster from bunch of different and eclectic menus. 

Grab a taste from several different retailers menus all at the same long table at OPEN (just around the corner from POPArt : 4th floor of the Main Change building on Kruger Street)

Cash Bar will be available. Booking is essential for catering purposes

Book for Tastes of Maboneng: a new dining experience by clicking this button:
Tue 16th May 1pm R160

Teater (Afrikaans) • Running Time: 80 mins
Regie: Sylvaine Strike | Teks: Retief Scholtz | Rolverdeling: André Odendaal en Wilhelm van der Walt | Vervaardiger: Kosie House of Theatre
Warning: Niemand jonger as 13 weens onderwerp
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Scholtz se Dop is die verhaal van Frank Venter, die spreekwoordelike man op straat. Een van duisende daarbuite wat min mense ooit sal ken en wat nog minder sal onthou. Soos elke mens het Frank 'n storie, maar niemand luister na sy storie nie. Frank (André Odendaal) sit in 'n kroeg. Dis sy verjaardag. Buiten vir die kroegman, Tim (Wilhelm van der Walt), is Frank alleen in die kroeg, soos in sy lewe. Albei het iets van die ander een nodig: Frank 'n klankbord om sy bestaan te bevestig en Tim die regte woorde om sy hart uit te praat.

Twee vreemdelinge begin gesels oor die lewe, generasies, emigrasie, drome (onvervuldes sowel as nuwes), die kunsdiefstal van 1990, reënwoude, spyt en perdedrolle wat nie vye is nie. In wyn lê die waarheid … en soos die aand aanstap word maskers afgehaal, harte blootgelê, talente van vervloë dae opnuut ontdek en sinne al meer onsamehangend. In sinnelose kroegpraatjies en gesprekke sonder 'n punt is daar waarheid én emosie. Sonder pretensie of voorgee. 

Kosie Smit, vervaardiger van Kosie House of Theatre, was op soek na nuwe stemme in die teaterbedryf toe hy op Retief Scholtz se werk afgekom het. Scholtz het agt maande lank aan dié opdragwerk geskryf en geskaaf en nou het Dop sy première in die bekwame hande van regisseur Sylvaine Strike.

Die akteurs in dié stuk is André Odendaal en Wilhelm van der Walt. Odendaal is al meer as 30 jaar bekend as gerekende akteur en regisseur en die jonger Van der Walt is verlede jaar op Aardklop aangewys as die beste akteur vir sy spel in Son.Maam.Sterre.

Sylvaine Strike is benewens aktrise, soos onlangs saam met Atandwa Kani in die voortreflike Black and Blue, ook regisseur wat in 2006 aangewys is as Standard Bank se jong kunstenaar vir drama en toe met die Coupé vorendag gekom het. Vir haar regie van The Miser het sy in 2012 die Naledi-prys gekry as beste regisseur en die stuk is bekroon as die beste produksie.

Volgens Scholtz het hy die rol van Frank geskryf met Odendaal in gedagte.

Book for Dop by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 18th May 8pm R120 (R100 online) Fri 19th May 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sat 20th May 8pm R120 (R100 online) Sun 21st May 3:30pm R120 (R100 online)

Theatre • Running Time: 70 mins
Directed by Steven Feinstein | Written by Michelle Douglas and Steven Feinstein | Performed by Michelle Douglas and Julie-Anne McDowell
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A land of twists and turns where lying has consequences for a little girl, a pirate ship with talking vegetables, two homeless thoughts named Fear and Doubt, a hunchbacked man struggling with forgiveness and a boy, a dog and a splintered heart… these are just some of the wacky things you can expect to encounter in this original production, penned by Michelle Douglas, co-written with Steven Feinstein.

Be transported to a bygone age of storytelling as two Vaudeville-esque sisters fabricate their fables, assert their allegories and stimulate five stories in a unique exploration of what it means to be human. Conceptualised, designed and directed by Feinstein, Couplet (written almost entirely in rhyming verse) uses shadows, puppets and masks, employing spectacle and storytelling as it boldly looks at the timeless themes of hatred, prejudice, love, redemption and transformation through the eyes of these two stage sisters, lost in a Victorian music hall somewhere in time, or their imagination.

Theatrical and thrilling for all ages, Search for Productions believes in telling stories that should be relevant for contemporary audiences and Couplet is a modern take on the tradition of magical realism in children’s theatre. Couplet aims to surprise adults and children with a form of story-telling and staging not often seen in South Africa. A two-hander that draws inspiration from the styles and genres of magical realism, vaudeville and fantasy with a postmodern pastiche take on story-telling, Couplet is a production which addresses issues which are highly relevant and topical, in an entertaining, inspiring, visually exciting style performed by Michelle Douglas and Julie-Anne McDowell. Couplet promises to be a theatrical event that will stay in the minds and imaginations of audiences for a long time to come!

This is the first performance of Couplet, before it lands at The National Arts Festival 2017.

Praise for previous shows by Search For Productions:
Actress Michelle Douglas weaves seamlessly between characters, accents, mannerisms, and above all, crazy and sane. This show makes you think, about life and the universe, but it also makes you think of the ordinary made extraordinary by perspective, and lack of fear. Congrats to Steven Feinstein for directing the subtext as well.
Chris Avant-Smith
Actress Michelle Douglas keeps the audience captivated by the complexity and depth of this spectacular show. Her performance is as brilliantly intricate as the subject matter.

Book for Couplet by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 25th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Fri 26th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 27th May 3:30pm R100 (R80 online) Sat 27th May 8pm R100 (R80 online) Sun 28th May 3:30pm R100 (R80 online)