An initiative started by the good people of Ub’Dope Shishini and wholly idealistically supported by POPArt, the #VukaActorClub brings community to daily practise. 

Is it exclusive? No. Do you have to pay a fee to be part of it? No. 

This is a for actors by actors community dedicated to encouraging one another to keep investing in ourselves with the day to day practise that comes with being an actor. If our bodies and voices are our instruments for storytelling, we must be investing in them daily. Full Stop. The Vuka Actor space is about community, consistency and accountability that, in a collective effort, elevates our craft. 

Unofficial as it is, there’s not a program per se. Sometimes there are workouts at Kippies at the Market Theatre, sometimes we gather online. Sometimes you do your own thing in the form of a #30DayChallenge. Make sure you follow Ub’Dope Shishini or POPArt on social media for the details of the challenges and workshops. 

*Coming soon: The 3 Hour a week community improvement challenge