At the core of our vision for POPArt its the elevation of the reputation of South African talent on a global level. POPArt has, over the years, partnered with many institutions, artists and production companies to help brilliant work reach more audiences in more places.

We believe that good management and administration is key to moving the arts forward and making it a viable career path for future generations. We also believe that, at some point and when funds allow, this should be a separate role as artists need to focus on the work!

This is why we are passionate about lending our skills to artists and production companies who have the opportunity to tour their work. In our partnerships, we manage the administrative aspects of the production. That is managing the people, budget, logistics (travel, visas etc) and schedule in the pre-production phase of touring as well as on the tour, if necessary.

If you are in need of these kinds of services, get in touch with us at We usually charge a project rate that can be included into the overall fundraising or proposal budget for your project.

*Want the service, but don’t have the budget? Keep a look out for our Producers Academy coming soon. Through the POPArt Producers Academy, we will be placing intern producers with independent  production companies (for free) to assist with the administrative aspects of production.

*Image : Phuphuma Love Minus Choir (part of the Centre for the Less Good Idea program) at the Holland Festival 2019. Photograph by Ada Nieuwendijk