We tend to believe that because our industry is so competitive, that no one is out there to help out. This is TOTALLY not the case. There are loads of great initiatives for performers in Joburg with the central aim of growing the industry by sharpening our skills & making it more inclusive, more collaborative and more fun. There are loads of facilities, programs and resources available to actors in Johannesburg. Here’s some you might not know about:

Wednesdays at 7pm at POPArt
A play space where we can come together and work on our improv skills. These weekly sessions are geared toward keeping improv muscles tight, and is not geared working toward any public performances, but the focus rather on skills training and practise. It is open to any improvisors from any groups that feel they would like an extra opportunity to do this. Any participants must have basic improv training. Please email to register to be on the group mailer, and confirm attendance.

For more skills workshops at POPArt, click HERE

The actors club is a for actors, by actors club that is run on an initiative basis. They host workshops, networking evenings and all sorts of other cool stuff for actors. They also meet on the first Monday of every month as a unified group of actors. If you want to know about these programs, or want to pitch an idea for a workshop, get in touch with them:
@TheActorsClub on twitter

Arts and Culture trust run a number of training and development programs, as well as funding schemes to encourage the creation and development of new content in SA. They also offer once off grants, Masterclasses and 2 performing arts scholarships annually. Check out their website for more information on the current funding cycle:

As many of you know, as an actor, its better to make your own work than to wait around for someone to cast you, so many actors like to add writer to their skill set. If you’re one of these actors, the writers guild can help you in a number of ways, including their knowledge share sessions, international workshops and seminars. They will also help you with the protection of your intellectual property.
They also run something called “media camp”, which is like a Facebook for jobs relevant to your industry.

What BASA does is simple: they pair up corporate companies with arts initiatives.
They also run mentorship programs for arts organisations, who may not have the business expertise required to make their business/ organization successful. They also assist with pitching for sponsorships.
Look out for the Art Sponsorship toolkit that they are currently working on that will be available for download on their site.

Indigo View is a company started by Steven Feinstein, who was creative director at the actors centre.
Steven works one on one with scholars helping them discover their personal obstacles and working on the self first in order to make us better and more free actors.
For more info:

Theatre for youth is a really nifty little website that assists ready made productions in finding places to perform. It also builds relationships with schools that then use this website to book performances with relevant themes at their schools. You can become an Assitej member for R 300 annually as a company or R 150 as a venue, and in turn list your production, your venue or yourself on the Theatre4Youth website.
For more info or to see how this tool works:

SAGA: South African Guild of Actors
So, you finally got a job! WOOO HOOO! But how do you know you’re not being exploited? How do you know your rights as an actor? How do you get your repeat broadcast fees?
Did you know that, as actors, we are not considered “employees” and therefore we cannot create a union? Did you know that regular labour laws don’t apply to us?
Until recently we knew a lot less about our rights… That is until SAGA was established just over 2 years ago.With an incredible team of professionals at the helm, SAGA has grown from strength to strength and have assisted actors on a number of issues. The guild is governed democratically too… Which is pretty cool. Actors can join SAGA for a fee of R 107 per month… and that’s cheap insurance for your talents.

The Framework is a group for professional actors who are ready to workHARD. It’s about honing skills and working with texts and its also about freeing ourselves up to play : with humility, with bravery, with generosity, with positivity, with mischief, with spontaneity, with action, with forward motion, with truth, with joy, with conviction, with purpose, with daring.
The Framework meets every Monday evening, and it’s completely free.

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