POPArt as a theatre and production company has been able to offer The Centre a combination of highly professional services, while at the same time being imaginative and flexible enough to truly appreciate the uniqueness of a space like the Centre and offer solutions to challenges… The level of commitment, collaboration and attention to detail paid by the POPArt team is unparalleled and The Centre owes much of its success and momentum to their efforts – Bronwyn Lace, Director of The Centre for the Less Good Idea 

In our careers as predominantly theatre-makers, we have had to do our fair share of production management (in all mediums) to stay afloat.

No matter the medium, it all comes down to the same thing : managing people, budgets and schedules… and we are ace at that! We have successfully served artists in the mediums of film, art, online production and theatre to bring home some amazing results.

Urgent Interactions International Youth Congress (South Africa, Germany, Brazil). Project managed for the Market Theatre Lab, 2022

Team POPArt at the Centre for the Less Good Idea

We structure our fees according to the needs, scope and budget of a production. We either charge a project fee for long term projects or a daily rate for short term engagements.

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