Theatre - Short Form • Running Time: 50 mins
Craig Morris
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15 scenes : You Choose the Playlist

Playlist is an exciting new format of theatre that acknowledges the emerging trend towards short-form theatre.

Craig Morris has performed across a diverse range of theatre styles and genres and has accumulated an impressive canon of physical theatre short scenes & vignettes. These varying short-form performances have been nurtured and kept alive for nearly three decades, and are now curated into an exciting and bold new performance format!

How does it work?
The audience is presented with a ‘playlist’, from which they select the works they would like to see for any given performance (running for approximately 50 minutes).
Therefore no two performances are ever the same!

The pieces range from clowning, contemporary dance, comedy, slapstick, through to deeply moving abstract pieces.

An exciting new theatrical treat!

R 120 online . R 140 at the door.

Another POPArt Premiere!

Book for PLAY LIST by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 12th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 13th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 14th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 15th Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)
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