Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written and Performed by MoMo Matsunyane Directed by Khutjo Green
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“Unlearn” is about a young lady called Angel Mojapelo who suffers from depression and anxiety.

She uses stand up comedy as her escape from her parents failed marriage and unfulfilled career choices.

She attends a friends party and her life is not the same after that.

The play intends to highlight the effects of suffering from mental illness as well as interrogate the female body as a site of violence. The play also seeks to find ways of unlearning inherited toxic behaviour. What happens when a daughters trust in her father is lost? How does that affect how she deals with other men in her life? As a direct result of her parents failed marriage and her father’s lack of empathy, she develops an anxiety disorder and depression. She refuses to see a therapist because therapy failed for her parents’ marriage. Comedy is a huge part of the play as it allows our protagonist to escape her burdened life.

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