Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins

The "I wish I could make it but"... ticket is for all those who wish they could support the theatre programs more. 

We understand that time is short and that it is often difficult to get out of the house. This button is for exactly that! 

If you wish you could be there for a show, or just more in general, hit the I wish I could be there but... button. 

It's a mini donation and a way for us to subsidise complimentary tickets that we often distribute to those who can make it but often cannot afford it. If you would like your ticket/s allocated to a specific production to receive the proceeds, you can do so by replying to the confirmation email we send you. 

You are welcome to purchase as many tickets make up your donation amount 🙂 

Book for I WISH I COULD MAKE IT BUT... by clicking this button:
Wed 19th Feb 10am R100
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