Looking for Audrey

Theatre • Running Time: 90 mins
Performed by Chanel du Toit and Michael Lawrence Potter
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Getting dumped sucks.

No one knows this better than Mark. A 20-something who seems to be in a perpetual string of short lived relationships that end in disaster. The only constant in Marks’ otherwise
chaotic life is his best friend Annie- an outspoken, intelligent bombshell in the midst of an identity crisis.

Mark decides that he is not going to trust fate or love to lead him to the woman of his dreams. He instead creates a test to determine if someone is compatible with him based on how they measure up to his favourite actress (and crush) Audrey Hepburn.

Equal parts sarcastic and sincere this new comedy addresses the millennial struggles of love, discrimination, depression, delusion and identity all while appealing to the human condition of romance and sentimentality.

Do you choose who you love?

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