DRAG : The Judgement Day

Dance | Theatre • Running Time: 45 mins
Thenjiwe Soxokoshe and Nomasonto Radebe
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DRAG : The Judgement Day is a new dance exploration from Thenjiwe Soxokoshe and Nomasonto Radebe

Impurities of our lives are known by our secret deeds.

Roller-coaster of emotions fluctuates like currency going up and down. Chaos inside while the facets plays a good role on the out side. The joy of my heart it's understood by connection, energy and feeling. Thoughts in my heard seem so complicated but the spirit that carries the body plays a good character. Not so long all made sense but confusion attacking now strikes like a tornado. I don't believe in magic but it seems like the black spell has worked on me. In a split of a second it seems and feels like light never existed. When you long for peace but the load just drops you to the floor..... Birth into this world, pure spirit, a seed planted to blossom with no clue or even warning of things that may occur good and bad ones.

A pure and genuine cry that expresses different emotions at the same time

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