Dum Dum Die Live

Live Game show • Running Time: 90 mins
Cast : Wednesday le Fey, Nicole Anthony and Kirsten Stewart, Dungeon Mastered by Carla Harris Directed by Sabelo Ndumo
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The well-known geek podcast, Dum Dum Die, bring their audio adventures to life at the POPArt Theatre in July.

Dum Dum Die is a home-brew, actual-play Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) podcast that has delivered content on the internet since August 2017. All female. All awesome! And it is coming to the stage in Johannesburg this year.

The tabletop roleplaying podcast started as a way to explore improvisational play as performers and became a weekly gathering of awesome women creating high-fantasy adventures together. In November 2018 they participated in the official Wizards of the Coast ‘Podcasts of Ravnica’ project, to help launch the publication Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica.

The creators of Dum Dum Die, in collaboration with some theatre folk, are now in pre-production phase to bring the podcast to the stage space for a live audience.

The current full cast will be there: Wednesday le Fey, Nicole Anthony and Kirsten Stewart, Dungeon Mastered by Carla Harris

The live show is being directed by Sabelo Ndumo, an honours graduate from AFDA Johannesburg. Sabelo has many accolades for his performances on stage and screen. He previously worked with Masidlale Productions on the experimental Flatform in 2017. As a flexible creator he has collaborated with Prince Lamla, and his first feature film credited as writer is scheduled for production in late September this year.

Matt Hazell joins Sabelo on the production team as Stage Designer. MFA-qualified from the University of Johannesburg, Matt is by profession a Fine Artist and Art Director. His work can be seen in a number of television and internet advertising campaigns, as well as music videos for various musicians.

4, 5, 6 July at 8pm
7 July at 3:30pm

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