SERURUBELE Storytellers Series : Student Stories edition (Online Audio)

Non Fiction Storytelling (Audio) ; Multiple Languages • Running Time: 120 mins
Warning: 16 + Language / Content
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One of the gatherings we have missed the most since 'going online' is our SERURUBELE Storytellers Series: a real true life Storytelling show where our guests of honour share their experiences from the strange and embarrassing to the absolutely absurd. Less like a campfire and more like a well lubricated dinner party, truth and humour is the glue that binds all who gather at this church together.

The Storytellers Series aims to create a place for sharing New South African Stories, any true stories. The Storytellers Series is presented by POPArt in collaboration with Lebogang Mogashoa.

For this audio series (sorry, we're still online peeps!), we have partnered with the Market Theatre Laboratory to bring you four story collections from the 2nd Year Students - which will be available online for a limited period.  


Just Keep Swimming : We find ourselves in the middle of the ocean dancing with the sharks and moving with their fins , hoping the waves will wash us to the land so that we might breathe with our nostrils. A collection about those times when you have to find a way to keep swimming while waiting for the tide to change. Stories by Zevangeli, Aviwe, Star, Malume and Philani. 

Joburg Stories : A hearty, dramatic, quirky and hilarious insight into living moments and memories of 5 different city locals and how they've tackled navigating this crazy maze we call Johannesburg. Their stories are nail biting, shocking, frightening even. But beyond that, one thing is true… There’s nowhere else they’d rather live but in Johannesburg. Stories by Richard, Lerato, Onakho, Omolemo and Yaone.

Lost and Found : We all go through hardships in life : Lost,  then found again. It's a game we all know, a game that is constant. This group , “It’s not a chicken it’s a rooster” has cooked up an amazing Sunday dish full of what the journey of growing up and having new responsibilities feels like. Join them to take a trip down memory lane as they share their coming-of-age experiences. Or maybe if you are craving our 7 colours Sunday dish, then allow us to entertain you and leave a classic smile on your face. Stories by Lala, Aphrodime, Mncedisi and Thato. 

Fish Out of Water : Tune in for an insight into the lives of four people who come from four different walks of life. As they take you on a journey that is filled to the brim with humor, sarcasm, getting lost and found, infused with dramatic undertones. Acting on impulse, feeling like you’re losing it. Real and authentic stories about feeling out of place and finding your way again. Stories by Nonhlanhla, Nomcebo, Muzi and Buntu. 

*** The collections will be available online from 31 July until 7 August. Purchase your ticket (R40) below to receive a unique link where you can find and enjoy the collections. 
Lebo was born in 1985, in Johannesburg. He grew up in a small village, then a bigger one, followed by an all-boys Catholic boarding school and finally my big move into Cape Town where he completed a Film and Media undergrad degree. He then headed to Korea to teach English where he started his story telling series “When we were nearly Young”, which developed a cult following. He returned to Johannesburg in 2013, and has been presenting the same series in partnership with POPArt since. He is currently writing for TV, with his credits including hit shows "The Queen" and "The River". He has recently received a SAFTA nomination for writing on "The Herd"


The Market Theatre Laboratory trains actors and theatre makers. Founded by Barney Simon and Dr John Kani in 1988, it is the educational arm of the world famous Market Theatre, and has developed into one of the premiere training facilities of its kind in Southern Africa. Deeply embedded in the ethos of the Laboratory is its commitment to providing opportunities to talented youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise be able to pursue their passion for the arts.

This year sees the 8th year of partnership between POPArt and the Market Theatre Lab

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