An Hour with Gilli Apter

Stand Up Comedy y • Running Time: 60 mins
Gilli Apter
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Gilli Apter is an award-winning comedy writer and COMIC’S CHOICE AWARD nominee. She has performed on TREVOR NOAH’S NATIONWILD, at Kings & Queens of Comedy, and on almost every other stage, to thousands of people throughout the country. If you haven’t heard of her, you haven’t left the house or watched TV since 2015.

Join Gilli for an hour of stand up comedy about everything that’s been on and in her mind over the last four years.  And it’s a lot: age; relationships; race; Judaism; the past; the future; robots - the type that are going to take over and annihilate humankind, not the type that don’t work at every intersection. 

This is stand up comedy that you haven’t seen before. And it’s very, very good. Even Trevor said so.

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