Dr Keith Scott is Psycho-Active (One man’s war on the War on Drugs)

Comedy • Running Time: 60 mins
Keith Scott
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(One man’s war on the War on Drugs)

In this ‘hit’ show, Doctor Scott Is Psycho-Active, medical doctor and drug law-reform activist, Keith Scott takes a humorous and enlightening look at a serious subject – the drug laws and the so-called War on Drugs – a conflict that is really a war about drugs, on people.

Keith describes his own curious experiences with drugs as an infant, as a child, as an adult and as a doctor.
He takes the audience back to the origin of humans’ relationship with psychoactive drugs; how they boosted the development of the human brain; their relationship to religion; the role of the colonial powers as the first drug cartels; and the disastrous effects of the Drug War - a bizarre and futile conflict that was declared and directed by the United Nations – an institution created specifically to prevent wars!
Keith Scott’s sardonic take on this grim subject infuses his show with a serious amount of light-hearted humour and hilarious gags that keep the audience amused and engrossed from the first to the last ‘hit’.

Keith Scott is a medical doctor, comedian and drug law-reform activist who has practiced in South Africa, the UK, New Zealand, Botswana and had a porthole view of the rest of the world while working as cruise ship doctor.
His current interests are medical-themed comedy and drug law reform - two subjects that he has brought together in his latest show Doctor Scott is Psycho-Active. He earned his comedy stripes doing stand-up comedy in Cape Town clubs and performed his first one man show, Free The Fetus, at South Africa’s National Arts Festival. With a long standing interest in drug law reform he co-founded the South African Drug Policy Initiative (SADPI) in 2018.

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