Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Directed by Nondumiso Msimanga Assistant directed by Darlinton Khoza Created in collaboration with the cast
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In the fourth year of our increasingly successful collaboration with the prestigious Market Theatre Lab, we present a season of off the wall adaptations from directors Monageng 'Vice' Motshabi and Nondumiso Msimanga at POPArt.

Platitude, noun: a thing said too often to be interesting; or uplifting. Platitudes, plural noun: many platitudes... too many platitudes.

PLATITUDES is a play on grief, in the style of physical poetry. It plays with the ways that grief both moves us and keeps us stuck. It plays between reality and the necessity of the imaginary world. PLATITUDES investigates the need and futility of words in the lunacy of trying to make sense of the incomprehensible.

The piece uses the real words of real people for its text. Verbatim, words from interviews, become the questions posed to its witnesses: what is grief?

PLATITUDES is a work on the vulnerability of human sanity.

Director: Nondumiso Lwazi Msimanga
Assistant Director: Darlington Khoza
Created: In collaboration with the cast

*With support from Curiocity Hostels, Maboneng

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