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Khongolose Khommanding Khommissars : Publication

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A unique collaboration between two black-owned, independent creative arts companies, diartskonageng and Kiri Pink Nob. Having worked together as co-producers of the stage production in 2017, Monageng Motshabi of diartskonageng and Jefferson Tshabalala of Kiri Pink Nob decided to publish the script in book form.

This play delves into the very complex world of the lines which blur for persons who have professional interests both in the spheres of Business and Politics. What does it mean to be a Black Business Man, and what does it mean to be a Black Politician, in the contemporary South African climate? Furthermore, which is a question more suited for this play, what does it mean to be both, simultaneously? Khongolose Khommanding Khommissars examines closely this tumultuous duplicity with an incisive flare for the poetics of doggerel and the trappings of revolutionary rhetoric.

The publication also features the "Daddies of Sugar" monologues from Tshabalala's earlier work.


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