Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
Written by Kgosana Thekwana Directed by Seiphemo Motswiri
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The System is an internationally acclaimed, multi award winning show that used physical expression, miming and dialogue to tell a story about three prisoners.

Happening on an empty stage with no props the story of poverty, crime riddled communities, injustice, compassionate,
betrayal, friendship and values in modern day South Africa is explored.

Based on the life experiences of three young South African males, The System follows the events leading to the
men’s daring escape from prison following their unusual dramatic and unconnected incarcerations and their subsequent escape and their journey thereafter.

Written by Kgosana Thekwana
Directed by Seiphemo Motswiri

R 120 online. R 140 at the door

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Fri 23rd Aug 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 24th Aug 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 25th Aug 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Running Time: 60 mins
Director: Christopher Weare | Written By: Zakes Mda Performed by Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi and Luntu Masiza
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The culture today is that of eating. Everybody eats; from the most junior civil servant to the most senior guy … [Sings] Join the civil service and become a millionaire. – The Man, Principal Secretary of State

The Mother of All Eating is a satirical play that explores the debilitating culture of corruption and greed known as ‘eating’.

This culture has become synonymous with corrupt state officials who enrich themselves by abusing government funds. This timeless classic, written by acclaimed playwright and author Zakes Mda, centres on a character called The Man, the principal secretary to a government minister. The Man is corrupt to the core, and has enriched himself as he’s moved through the ranks of government.

Set in Lesotho in the 1980s, the play exposes the catastrophic effects of greed and the tragic effects that accompany unchecked corruption.

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Thu 29th Aug 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 30th Aug 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 31st Aug 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 1st Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

A Games show meets Sketch format • Running Time: 120 mins
Hosted by Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs | Special guests every month | Presented by Kiri Pink Nob and POPArt Productions
Warning: +16 Mature Content
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Eita holla!
Lovers of game shows, quiz shows, talk shows and current affairs- this one is for you!
It’s the freshest, coolest live uniquely Mzansi game show double bill and we bringing it to you once a month at the POPART theatre.

Let the games begin!

***Winner of Standard Bank Ovation GOLD award at National Arts Festival 2018. 

***Nominated for Freshest show, Fresh performer and Fresh creative, Cape Town Fringe 2017.

The Game Show Double Bill features two different styles of game show formats pitched at a same same but different audiences, separated by a short interval. Created and hosted by venerated writer, director and performer, J.Bobs Tshabalala the two game shows presented are “OFF THE RECORD” and “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie”. Together they have audiences banging down the door to attend, participate and let their inner competitor revel in a mash up of theatre, improv, sketch and game show all very cleverly compiled by the show’s writers to offer insight into uniquely South African realities. 

The Game Show Double Bill concept has been refined during a long national tour to several spaces around the country and will continue to perform in spaces to entertain, educate and grow it’s audiences. POPArt hosted J.Bobs and the Kiri Pink Knob team for the first time in May this year, and it was unanimously decided that a long term collaboration is in order. “OFF THE RECORD”  is a panel, game and quiz show hybrid that features two celebrity competitors representing their teams in the audience. A show that banters about with humour and controversy, much like a QI, task master J.Bobs is looking for the answers that ain’t obviaas. “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie” features team captains, points, drama, suspense and some amazing physical challenges from the special guests. It’s a sketch and skit show with a variety of vignettes that examine, celebrate, critique and reflect poignantly on the vast lived experiences of many in the South African Townships: a show that looks like, sounds like and operates like the lokishi. All in all, an evening of excellent entertainment. 

“Here, the overt flamboyance of the township, meets the subdued vileness of suburbia, and the blend is as beautiful as it is intriguing. A romantic blend of palates that are very seldom paired emerges. The taste makes for quite the evening of riotous entertainment”, says creator and host J.Bobs Tshabalala. “One is the quintessential township jousting tournament, a battle of urban suave and kasi finesse (LLL).  The other locates its crux in the holds of reserved suburbia being unleashed, a battle of quant decorum and sharp wits (OTR). Combined, these shows give to the audience a fuller experiential scope of the larger South African narrative”. 

This is what makes the show a perfect fit at POPArt. “With a constant focus on. developing a broad audience base, as well using arts and culture as a vehicle for sharing South African experiences, this double bill is something that fits perfectly within the frame  artistic direction, as well as appeals to our existing and desired audience”, says Hayleigh Evans of The POPArt Theatre. “ We believe that playing on a regular basis will grow the audience and maximize additional opportunities for the format. All in all, a perfect long term collaboration” 

About Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts (Pty) Ltd. This company produces straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events.  Recently, he has started producing game shows for the stage and screen. 

Tshabalala creates works across varied fields, ranging from Orthodox Drama to Hip Hop Theatre. He was nominated at the 2014 Naledi Theatre Awards for the Best Emerging Voice award, and in 2015 his production of Secret Ballot was nominated at the Naledi Awards for Best Ensemble production. In 2014, he also became a director in residency at the Market Theatre, to create a new play for the senior students at the Market Theatre Laboratory, for the Student Festival in Grahamstown, and for the Arts Alive festival in Johannesburg.  

As an independent theatre producer, Tshabalala has etched a unique niche for himself as both a professional director, and an experimental creative, striking a fine balance in order to cater for both an emerging, and an established market. His dexterity has also seen him work in various capacities, as a writer, director and also a performer. At Kiri Pink Nob, he is the Managing and Artistic Director. 

Book for J.BOBS LIVE : Game show double Bill by clicking this button:
Sun 1st Sep 8pm R100

Theatre • Running Time: 60 mins
A play Allan Kolski Horwitz Performed by the Botsotso Ensemble
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By Allan Kolski Horwitz

Performed by the Botsotso Ensemble 

(Thandeka Shangase, Yandisa Khwakhwa, Katlego Letsholonyana, Simphiwe Dladla and Malusi Mkhonza)


Kopanong is a  medium-sized municipality. The mayor, Victor Mabaso, and his right hand woman, Gugu Dhlamini, have created a network of tenderpreneurs with whom they fleece the town’s coffers.  Bu when Faith Hlatswayo, their once servile financial manager, cracks in the face of the auditor-general  team’s relentless tracking of ‘irregularities’ – and Mabaso and Dhlamini decide to take drastic action to protect their network – a realistically absurd situation develops and reaches its climax.


In a time of almost total state capture and endemic corporate corruption, our society is experiencing tremendous strain. There is general dysfunction which needs to be addressed so that we can implement ‘service delivery’ and rebuild a failing economy. And one of the key elements confronting this tidal wave of greed and incompetence is the office and person of the auditor-general. The annual reports released by this agency provide us with up-to-date, in-depth evidence of government functioning – and pinpoint wrong doing and the identity of the perpetrators. Small wonder that the holder of this office faces orchestrated slander and death threats.


‘Taking Everything into Account’ portrays the state officials and businesspeople whose corruption we hear about every day.

But then  we also meet their nemesis . . .  Khawe. 


5, 6, 7 September at 8pm

8 September at 3:30pm

Don't miss this brand new piece at POPArt.
Tickets are R 120 online and R 140 at the door.
Block booking rates (10+) apply

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Thu 5th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 6th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 7th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 8th Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)

Theatre - Short Form • Running Time: 50 mins
Craig Morris
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15 scenes : You Choose the Playlist

Playlist is an exciting new format of theatre that acknowledges the emerging trend towards short-form theatre.

Craig Morris has performed across a diverse range of theatre styles and genres and has accumulated an impressive canon of physical theatre short scenes & vignettes. These varying short-form performances have been nurtured and kept alive for nearly three decades, and are now curated into an exciting and bold new performance format!

How does it work?
The audience is presented with a ‘playlist’, from which they select the works they would like to see for any given performance (running for approximately 50 minutes).
Therefore no two performances are ever the same!

The pieces range from clowning, contemporary dance, comedy, slapstick, through to deeply moving abstract pieces.

An exciting new theatrical treat!

R 120 online . R 140 at the door.

Another POPArt Premiere!

Book for PLAY LIST by clicking the button of the date and time you wish to attend:
Thu 12th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Fri 13th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sat 14th Sep 8pm R140 (R120 online) Sun 15th Sep 3:30pm R140 (R120 online)