WORKSHOP | Alexander Technique

Workshop • Running Time: 120 mins
Caryn Katz and Alex Halligey
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Looking for a sense of release physically and mentally? Tired body, stiff shoulder, recurring injury?

Feeling like you get locked into your computer/desk/work and forget all about your body? You’re your stress levels are at boiling point?

Come join Caryn Katz and Alex Halligey in a two hour
introductory workshop to the Alexander Technique. The Technique, developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander has been widely used for the last 130 years to find more efficient use of the body, pleasure and release in physical activity, an alertness in the mind and a freedom from the anxieties that build up in response to the pressures of the contemporary world.

The workshop will explore the basic principals of the technique and practical ways to action them in our daily lives for
more freedom, grace and presence of body and mind.

Date: 15 September
Time: 10am -12pm
Venue: POPArt Theatre
Cost: R400 full price, R200 students/artists (artists / students can pre-reserve by email)

Booking is essential

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