Good Life

Stand-up Comedy • Running Time: 70 mins
Bongani Dube
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"When you've fought all the fight that's within you, you get up fight some more, and bask in the beauty of life's goodness."

Bongani Dube can and does atest to this statement. Through all his challenges of; dealing with his bad eyesight and thick ass coke bottle glasses, getting robbed every term of his adolescent years, being mistaken for Lazola Gola and not being able to construct an Afrikaans sentence (even though he is from Pretoria), he has been able to flip the switch and laugh at all of these moments.

And this April 17th at Maboneng's eccentric, fresh - and home to a hot comedy room - POPart Theatre, he will be sharing it all in his one man show entitled, 'Good Life'.

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