POPArt Performing Arts Centre

New Material Night is an evening at the theatre dedicated to showcasing and interrogating new work. Performers are invited to present up to 20min of a piece in development, with a number of possible outcomes. Whether it’s to gauge feedback from your peers or audience, or to invite someone to see new work with the hope of gainful employment, the space is yours for the night.

In addition, we’re incentivising performers and audiences with a fresh new take on New Material Night. Here’s how it goes down:

A judges panel of industry professionals (who will be much nicer than the guys on Idols) as well as the audience gets to vote as to whether they would like to see more of your piece. The winner on the night gets to bring the next segment of their work back to New Material Night for a second round. The first piece to reach a full length version (60min), will be given the opportunity to stage their work for a full run at POPArt on an adjusted door deal…¬†

The categories of performances are open to theatre (20min), poetry/ storytelling/ dance/ music (10min) & Comedy (15min). *Please note that the comedy category is for more established  comedians working toward one man shows. Newcomers to comedy may request an open spot at The Box Comedy.

New material nights are scheduled as proposals from participants are received. Please email proposals to participate to