Immersive Theatre is a massive trend in theatre world-wide. It is changing the audience experience completely by allowing audiences to become part of the living world of the story by immersing them in it completely.

POPArt is looking for opportunities to collaborate with theatre makers and visual artists who are interested in exploring this medium of story-tellling. We have access to some amazing sites for activation too. Pop us a mail at if you’re keen to collaborate.

Here are some pics from our first immersive experience “SPACE JOURNEY” in collaboration with artist Marcus Neustetter. The work was commissioned by Propertuity for the launch of  the “Rocket Factory” development.

SPACE JOURNEY - Neustetter08   SPACE JOURNEY - Neustetter01

SPACE JOURNEY - Neustetter06

Marcus Neustetter and POPArt present an audio visual immersive experience SPACE JOURNEY
Propertuity and the artists invite you to an image, light, and sound immersive performance for visitors coming to see the Rocket Factory show space. During this experience you will move up and down the main staircase of the building under construction plotting a series of journeys from the abstract and evocative to the imaginary and curious.
View the video HERE