SINGLE + ESKOM = Dating in the Dark.

Just kidding. But seriously, the dating scene in Johannesburg is about as unpredictable and uncertain as the Load Shedding schedule, leaving all of us singles wondering how we can indeed secure a hot meal at 6:30pm. And before we have to spend the whole weekend swiping left on tinder until our phone battery dies, and our batteries can’t be recharged (because, well… no electricity), we’re offering all the singles out there a different kind of dating experience… and, hopefully, a different kind of electricity too.

Dating in the Dark is a offers an alternative to modern ‘blind’ dating: one that is intended to bring back a time where the spark is spurred on by conversation and personality… Not by predetermined common interests, mutual friends and travel destinations that prevail in one of many curated profile pictures online. We’re setting the stage for speed dating, but with one key difference: you won’t get to see your dates, because all of it happens in the dark.

It’s fun and risk free, and the match making is easy… You get to mark down the date(s) that you were interested in, and only if there is mutual interest will we share contact details for both parties. Better than that, we will even sort out your first official date with a ticket to the theatre.

To book your seat at Dating in the Dark, go onto our website at and purchase the ticket relevant to YOUR gender. A seat costs R 120.

**No refunds
**Don’t be a kak and not show up
** We can’t promise you will find love/romance/fun – but we can promise a night of dates